Recognizing Where You Are

The March toward implementation of the Mark of the Beast is a fascinating story. Its origins can be traced back to innovators and inventors within not only the academic research community, but also within the electronics, computer, and COMMUNICATIONS industries, along with government involvement, contributions from major retail companies, as well as the Banking and Finance sectors. Take a close look at where we are at the present time and how every country around the world has been converged into the final path of the economic system of the Beast. It is as clear as ever that these varied but interrelated developments have led to an insidious Plot to totally change the way that the world operates and does business. As the man of sin arises (ask yourself a question: Has he already arisen?) Once identified, so will our understanding of the system and the mark. It is only through an understanding of these developments that we can discover how the Mark and the numbers 666 have characterized the system of the Beast.

The warnings of what happens to those with the mark and to which Side these people belong are located in the last Nine Chapters of Revelation.

Do not be fooled into thinking that the mark of the beast has not already been used or is not present…It is VERY clear that we see it Everywhere.

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