The Invisible Battle of Har-Magedon

We are all in an invisible, spiritual battle- a cosmic conflict that has eternal implications- in which Souls of people all over the planet are at stake. Yet, most of us as Christians don’t really know our enemy.

Our greatest foe, Satan (Note: who can take many forms) has been on a mission to destroy God’s people and to discredit the cause of Christ. But who is Satan? Satan is a fallen powerful angel who led a rebellion of a third of the Angels of Heaven and now seeks to destroy all that is good and God ordained.

Created as one of the highest angelic beings (Ezekiel 28), Satan had more power, intelligence and beauty than anything or anyone in the universe except God. But Satan wasn’t satisfied with what he had and his downfall was pride. Satan wanted to be God. So Satan fell from Heaven and has been at enmity with God and God’s creation ever since.

Despite Satan’s real presence and existence, many Christians either don’t acknowledge that Satan exists or they give he/she way too much credit and blame he/she for everything that goes wrong in their life. The danger as we approach this is to think that everything has to do with Satan and demons or that nothing has to do with Satan and demons…

Instead, we need an accurate and balanced perspective of our enemy and a better understanding of Satan’s goals and tactics so that we can have Victory over the spiritual battle that has been waged against us for a long time…

You must be able to recognize and see your enemy (though they may be invisible), sense your enemy… and listen carefully to what is going on…use your supernatural gifts that you have, just waiting to be discovered, to discern the truth…and do not let Satan confuse, distract, or discredit the existence of Christ…those who live in the Holy Spirit know the exact nature of God…We all make our decision based upon what we have read, witnessed, researched, been taught, and prayed about…

The time is Now for The Armies of God to put an End to the evil in this world…

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