How to Recognize Black Magic

Black Magic or Dark Magic:
The use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and selfish purposes. Black magic is the malicious…Black magic can be traced to the primitive, ritualistic worship of evil spirits as outlined by Robert M. Place’s 2009 book, Magic and Alchemy. It is used to benefit Outcomes for the practitioner.
In particular, though, the term was most commonly reserved for those accused on invoking demons and other evil spirits, those “Hexing” or cursing their neighbors, those using magic to destroy crops and those capable o leaving their earthly bodies and traveiling great distances in spirit.
Curse odors. The effect on the human mind by odors. Smells affect olfactory receptors. Information from these receptors perceive and analyze the brain…Thus, the smells-the same source of information, as sight, hearing and others. Through smells (or spells) we can be influenced in our human consciousness. In many religious systems scents are used in “ritual” practice…Smells can be both enjoyable and useful, but also harmful and scary. Most people strongly react to odors. The adepts of the dark teachings of many working on a variety of “aromatic” compounds, and then will test them on their victims…
Have YOU experienced this before or recognized it?
The concept of Satanism is also known as “black magic”or “witchcraft” …”fallen” angels who do not Honor or Worship God.
You see, Angels of GOD can sense and Smell the presence of the evil spirits…Always use you sense of smell to pinpoint where evil exists…Very Important concept…A gift from God to Protect yourself and your LOVED ones…

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