“As a Christian”…Important note….and “every President before him”…
You see, he demonstrated perfectly how the power of the President of the United States can be used…However, you are obligated to take an oath to uphold the Values and Laws(The Constitution) created by man, not by God.
You must understand that Free Will is one of the greatest gifts that our country upholds…but how long has our country been lacking True Faith and Christian Values? How long has the Bible been misused to confuse people and promote the religion of Islam? How long have we justified our actions through a false god?
The Sermon on the Mount teaches some of the greatest lessons…
By denying the lessons that Jesus taught, you deny God Himself…
Understanding the deep symbolism of the Bible and the seriousness of His teachings help us to understand the magnitude of the situation…Even in Leviticus Chapter 20:11…God was serious about death…but death is understood in two ways, spiritually and physically…In his teaching, he often refers to the “Spiritual” death…lack of the Holy Spirit….
We look for Life in Christ and abide by His teachings…

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