Doomsday…Could it be?

The world according to Donald Trump is very dark…The American economy has tanked. Many people have infiltrated our country and system for a long period of time now. The Islamic State, that has been on the rise, especially during the previous administration, has taken over the globe. “Our country is going to hell,” he declared during the Republican primaries. It is like “medieval times,” he suggested during the second presidential debate. “We haven’t seen anything like this, the carnage all over the world.”
To Donald Trump, it is not morning in America, it is just a “few” seconds before the doomsday clock. Although this campaign continues to promise a new beginning for our country, the candidate and his advisers are sending out a VERY different message: the end is nigh…
You see, Donald Trump is trying to tell you what is real and what is not…He is the Only person that is helping you to understand that all of the numbers and projections do not matter at this moment in time…There is something much bigger taking place and what might that be?
To grasp the nature of the genuine dangers of our current world, especially in God’s eyes, also requires an understanding of different realms…It requires a genuine concern that the world as we know it could indeed End in our lifetimes…
Matthew 7:13
“Enter ye in at the strait gate: for Wide is the gate, and Broad is the way, that leadeth to Destruction, and Many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and Narrow is the way, which leadeth unto Life, and Few there be that find it.”

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