What is an Antichrist?

The Kingdom of Heaven can be understood as a person giving up their entire life to trust and follow something that they may not fully understand…but it is the peace and trust that you have in Christ that leads you away from the world…when God opens the door for you, don’t miss that opportunity…there is no telling how long it will be open…that is all in God’s timing…We have seen enough antichrists rise and enough political control…Politics are not of God…He is the same all of the time and perfect in his decisions…the Angels around him are his loyal witnesses and messengers…they know how giant his heart is…but he cannot stand the sight or representation of evil in any form…look around you…have you considered a political leader to be Christ? Or even Christlike? and what has the world done to Christians? Have we seen a figure or figures that have created a religious system of government that would look like the greatest and most wonderful religious, political, and economic system the world has ever seen? Possibly a dynamic and charismatic individual who would lead an alliance of nations and the world into a false sense of peace? What person could this be? Has history repeated itself?
You see, all of those on the earth will have believed that this person is the savior of humanity….therefore, it is important to be able to recognize some of the characteristics and powers that this person (or peoples) may exhibit as it imposes its will upon the world..
God allowed it for a reason…
The bottom line is that Jesus demanded that the world have NO OTHER GODS…

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