Population Control Tactics

Part of the New World Order implemented long ago by some of the most Wealthy and Elite individuals in  was Population Control. It has been a proven tactic used to limit or better yet monitor the size of human societies. Using tactics of controlling the movement of people within a society is commonly used by governments, having been influenced by radical religious ideology such as Islam…otherwise known as the False Prophet.

Many tactics have been used to reduce the bulk of the world’s population such Genocide through the means of orchestrated conflicts. Using toxic chemicals in the air has been used over time and has heavily effected the environment, water and food supply, bioengineered, and weaponized disease organisms. Consider many of the viruses out there…also, pay attention to anti-fertility methods of preventing procreation. But, part of these epidemics created by man, were a big piece of prophecy…God didn’t do it to us, people did it to themselves. Just as many wars and events such as 9/11…Revelation 13:3- “And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world (nations) followed after the beast…” This demonstrates the power of the Dark Nature of the Evil World. A society that had gotten so bad that it basically fueled a completely chaotic scene in which it fueled an attack on itself. Self Destruction…or Suicide…just what Satan wanted…utter chaos and Severe confusion…It made everything confusing and very difficult to understand or comprehend…the sheer result of false religion…

If you wanted to conquer the earth by a means of using these methods, you would have to Deeply infiltrate the system, which is very Obvious Now.

Another point to be aware of is that the religion of Islam has always upheld the belief that having multiple wives (any number-because the “Lord of Mercy” would forgive you…as long as you pray hard- “5” times a day right?) It is a brainwashed mindset that has been used to simply Destroy society and eliminate God’s Existence. It could be understood as “Just act now and ask for forgiveness later when you pray to Allah”…Polygamy is completely  acceptable in Islam…Do not be fooled. There are NO LIMITS to what they will do in order to deceive and remain in control. The religion preaches it Loudly. If you have read the Quran then you will know. But I recommend staying away from that Evil book, created by the Son of Destruction, who is Now being revealed. This may not necessarily be evident to the public, because it is often used behind Closed Doors. They have used their own children to accomplish this and forced them to have sexual encounters without consent (Really Sick People). This has been a way to overpopulate and destroy, accompanied by training their own children to persecute Christians (whom they have called over and over again “Losers”)…BIG mistake in the sight of God. He Has Been Listening….They have been using this strategy for a long period of time.

In regards to those elite individuals who believe that Money is Power…that No Longer holds any truth…That Power is Overcome by God and all of the Angels…and the coming of the Son of God, who uses the Sword of The Spirit to put an end to what has been deceiving and controlling the world.

Three Examples of Control are:

  1. Birth Control (birth prevention and abortion)
  2. Sterilization (using vaccines)
  3. The introduction of deadly microbes to reduce population growth

These are just a few ways of using Corrupt Control Tactics…Just like Adolf Hitler, who persecuted the Jews and burned Bibles…

A rude awakening….that has a Tragic and Sudden Ending…….

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