The Antichrist V Jesus

The Sword of The Spirit: New Light in The USA

When we consider the issue of voting in the election, we were to consider the fact that we have a choice at two very different paths, and we need a leader who will represent the Christian Faith in the United States of America. We need a man who will focus on authority through Righteousness and Truth.

Note: When we consider or use the term “cancer” in the United States, we ought to consider who is pointing the finger…Are the politicians calling Christians cancerous? Why would use such a gesture? The fact of the matter is the cancer that has been spread across the United States of America is the work of a false god that is the foundation of man’s creation of legalism, legislation, policy, and the Constitution which has opened the gates for all of this false religion and false gods to become more influential and powerful…

This is what you can consider to be a cancer in the world…

Let me help you  understand God’s symbolism in the Bible…

Revelation 18:8

“Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.”

The plagues can be identified as false religion or gods, which cause death….

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Righteousness determines justice. We must walk the path that leads us  into a state which will continue to be straightened and corrected. To be perfectly honest, I am not sure who that candidate will be…Until we see a man preach the Word of God at the podium, and drop the politics (distractions of evil), we will not see the true light shine upon the United States of America.

Our country needs to discover that the change must take place from within our system of operations. The change must occur from the heart of the system, and we must see Christ arise from within. The voices of pastors around the United States must preach the truth that our country Needs to hear. Christians are to be the leaders here in the United States (Your Cabinet). Until that happens, we will not see changes occur that will benefit our country and increase our success (in creating a foundation/framework for the Kingdom of God).

This is the choice of our country, as to whether we fall or rise. It is about being a servant leader. Whoever demonstrates these qualities will win my favor and this is how a vote is to be determined. Help those who cannot help themselves. This is how the character of our country is to be defined.

Choose wisely….

The Sword of the Spirit: Saving The United States of America-Page 37

Our success (Eternally) is dependent upon the heart of our leaders, who determine the beginning and the end of an administration or presidency. We need to know that God intends for us to live in a country of which the foundation stones are precious and sacred. These stones define our actions and principles. Each stone represents a quality (Gift) that we must obtain in order to achieve a state which will Overcome and flourish (Providing freedom from the cancer that has corrupted society)…

The fact is that Revelation has instructed us on the current circumstances in the United States of America. We must make the change and correct the error (Numerology-opens doors). Revelation is a guideline for our President to follow in order to know how we must make amendments that will only make us stronger in the End and fulfill God’s promise (Do away with the continuous cycle that has brought about corruption and pain for many). It demands a choice by all and free will in a direction pleasing to God in order for prophecy to be fulfilled. In order to obtain this new strength, which derives from God through His Son the Lamb, we must adhere to the Twelve Apostles of Jesus and the lessons that they teach us.

If we look at the United States as a pearl, we can make the changes necessary (But, you must first do away with the Evil). If we view the United States as any idol or religion other than Christianity we will not correct the error specifically mentioned in the Book of Revelation to John, which applies (Directly) to our modern day USA…

The pearl is to be a light that shines in the darkness and all nations will walk by its light and glory. This will hereby entitle us to the Tree of Life which the United States will become for all of those who trust in her. Let us change the United States into the pearl that God desires for her to be. Let us put an end to the curse and do away with the deceit which has corrupted so much of the United States as a country, and many churches as well…

And let this be clear, the world should be grateful for the Christians (Angels) that tell you the Truth…

Otherwise, you continue to find yourself in a never-ending cycle where you lose touch with God and his desire for your life…

No one should ever consider an individual who attempts to lead or (Rapture) you out of a very disastrous situation a type of threat or “cancer” to the world…One who speaks in this way has only become a prisoner to the world and speaks of the world…

Joel 2:12

“Yet even now, “declares the Lord, “Return to Me with all your heart…”


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