America’s Final Chance

The Sword of the Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters

Chapter: America’s Final Chance (Pages 335-336….)

From the depths of the soul, this country must reach in order to reestablish and rebuild. New meaning must come to life and new truth must be brought to light

There is NO WAY that progress will ever amount to anything by appointing representatives that do not understand or speak the language of God. It demands Divine Intervention by God and His Angels in order to resolve the problematic issues that we face not only as a nation, but as a world.

Being given the chance to seek peace, we refused to accept the offer and to reconcile the situation. How might we learn from other nations what we need in order to achieve our goal of a state that is full of life, hope, and God’s sheer beauty? We are the United States of America…But being united in different faiths does not make you wise in the Kingdom of God…It creates a FALSE sense of peace.The Ten Commandments make this very clear

We are too creative and too wise not to change the symbols by which we are currently represented. Uniting different faiths is simply not of the Holy Spirit or God…Allowing our creative side, along with the help and guidance of God our Father, to design a symbol for the United States that no longer signifies suffering, submission, and hurt is the number one priority. Let us seek to design a seal or symbol that is worthy of God, to be called His own. How might we know how to design such a symbol? By carefully studying history and freemasonry we are able to discover a Star…The Bright Morning Star is God’s design of the world. We must clear up the discrepancy and allow for God to ultimately demonstrate His truth, symbolized by Jesus and all of the Angels (12) of Heaven. Bearing so many brilliant gifts, can we not, as a country, use our artistic gifts to form a design that represents truth and sincerity to God? Does the country understand that without God’s blessing we will not succeed and will forever be lost?

How might we better demonstrate that we care? How might we  better demonstrate that we believe? This country MUST know the truth and by bringing people together into a state of truth we may overcome and change the world.

How might we achieve a state of normalcy? How might we sincerely represent the Bright Morning Star of Revelation?

At this state of world history we must move forward and all of our efforts MUST be directed towards God. We simply cannot feel so kindly towards the mistaken men of the past who have encouraged others in the future to REPEAT their mistakes. (No more excuses)…

It is time…

Let us establish a Pax America based upon New Light and be a Beacon of Hope for the world…One which will bless us and the entire world for ALL of the years to come…

We must not shrink back into the shadows and allow the present menace of society to prevail. We will not put our trust again in the blind forces of chance, or to the oceans that have shrunk over time…We must not rely on wishful thinking and illusions  based upon a false reading of history to escape our responsibility to God.

“Every New beginning comes from some other beginnings End…”

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