A More Perfect Union

The Sword of The Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters

Chapter: A More Perfect Union (Pages 283-285)

“The danger that lies from within, arises from politicians and philanthropists of the legislative hall, who have not remembered our Creator as the means to “forming a more perfect union”.
In this regard it is the state of the union that we must address, which is a Union without God that will melt as frostwork in the sun. By considering this simple concept we may understand God’s direct instruction to us as a people and a country. Let us not forget to acknowledge that all government was intended to be created by God. Let us know that God may destroy all perverted and corrupt government, without Him as the beacon of light by which we are able to hold dearly on to the truth by which all things came to be.


There is no united government without God. God both unites and divides people as He sees the world evolve and change. The further away that man is drawn from the truth, the more God will seek to divide and separate His people from those who have lead man astray. The mission of Jesus Christ was not to bring a united form of peace, in changing God’s law, but to create a division which would specifically fulfill God’s purpose in recognizing His people.

The Union of the states is a totally different creation than that by which God would have directed. The Union of the states is more delicate, more artificial, more recent, far more a mere production of the reason and will of man standing in a condition that is in need of a care to preserve and transform it into a state that is pleasing to our Creator.


I believe that as our Union stands today, we continue to see room for internal improvements. The disbursement of money is a critical issue that must be addressed in regards to policy and legislation. First, begin by envisioning a World without money…We must form a more perfect union in which we all understand that to whom much is given, much is required (Specifically in regards to Eternal Gifts and the Wisdom by which we have been blessed…) This does not intend to suggest that any person will be held responsible for giving up what they may have earned from their own personal success. For success is attainable to all people. There is no excuse for not achieving success. For where do we begin to understand success? Success comes from God and God is the author of the world. The However, success and happiness exist in different forms…Heavenly and Worldly…The problem that we face is that, in many cases, the few individuals who have achieved success by following God’s lead are those by whom the people, who have not attempted to be enlightened, have relied on for survival. This is where motivation comes into play…But, of all things this is where we see money and funding being used in a way that is not necessarily beneficial to the people who have very little…You must provide and discover a way to increase their knowledge…Scholarships for public speaking, communications, and Biblical studies is a cool idea that would change the world…. It is our solemn duty to help instill growth by instilling motivation, but by continuing to provide for those who are not working towards discovering the truth we are contributing to the cause of allowing for them to remain in a state that is not pleasing to God. As a perfect union, we will not encourage people to sit back and rely upon government as the source of survival, for this is not God’s will. Government will Never be the solution to the problem…It is a matter of being given an opportunity to discover a way to transform lives, and seizing the opportunity…


Establishing a contract to abstain from a specific sphere of exertion is not void, and may be wise and right. We, in establishing a more perfect union, will not over exert our efforts to allow lack of motivation to be promoted across this country. We, as a more perfect union, will advise the people of this country to seek out to establish new literature, public speech, sound policy, artistic design, the intercourse of business and friendship, and the culture of fraternal love. We the people, will work in all of our efforts to leave the Union stronger than when we found it.
In this present day and age we see many of the same adversities that we faced long ago… Today, we will not stand by and allow any room for manipulation of peoples or less than satisfactory efforts to leave a legacy of truth behind. We leave a legacy by writing our own chapter in the world. We live our legacy by speaking our truth, from what God has provided us with in order to form a more perfect union.

We will in all of efforts turn away from the equivocal philanthropy which violates the lives of the people unaware, tramples on the law of God, destroys and confounds the subornation of virtues, and diminishes the light of salvation that is detrimental to our survival. 

May that light never fade away, for without it we are lost….

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