How To Define Yourself

The Sword of the Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters

Chapter: What is the American Standard (Pages 295-296)

How we must define ourselves…It is not about patriotism…It is about God…

The number one goal in life is to demonstrate true character by the strong, wealthy, and learned helping to be in touch with the poorest, most ignorant, and humble. The end result being to embrace the vitalizing, strengthening influence of the other. By seeking to live out this principle peoples and nations may be brought together through discovering common ideologies of one another.

The true American standard ought to be seeking to reach out to the people who have the least and to give back to society in order that we may gain the eternal reward of establishing a place in God’s kingdom.

Oppression, unjust discrimination, and prejudice are issues that still remain today. As much as we would like to think that this is not a fierce reality, we must conclude based upon the actions of the public, which has been manipulated and drawn away from God. We ought not to be drawn away from God, for by immersing ourselves deep into His words we are given refuge, protection, and the strength to move forward.


All Nations must realize that there is no power on this earth that may permanently be our resolution for progress.Power is truth. Truth derives from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God in the flesh. No earthly intellect may compare to that which the Holy Spirit possesses.

In an economy of God there is but one standard by which an individual may succeed, and that is by seeking out the truth. For many have been lead astray and worship evil…Will a just God condone such actions? How may God, in His time, reconcile the situation? These are the questions that must be addressed. The public must be aware. Awareness is knowing all things according to God.

Over the course of time we have witnessed the American crucible. America has become the melting pot, just as was prophesied from long ago. Do people care to know? Do people care to change?

Over the course of our life we are put to the test, and forced to fight for our lives for what we know to be truth. We are to be tested in our patience, our forbearance, our perseverance, our strength to endure wrong, to withstand temptation, to economize (What would Jesus Do?), to acquire skills and implement them into building a framework that will last and carry us into the future…for this is the hope that we might have a future here on this earth.

Our skills may be defined by our ability to compete, to succeed in giving back, to disregard the superficial for the real, to be great yet small, wise yet simple, powerful yet the servant of all.

“Our passport to Eternity is established by the truth that we speak over the course of our life. Our word and truth is what defines us in the End…”

Ask America the question of whether the people of this country

speak by human standards or by the standards of God.

Our set of standards according to God’s principles will be to rise above the clouds of ignorance and selfishness into a state that consists of pure sunshine, where perception is not based upon race, ethnic background, or previous condition…”

Achievement of this state will allow us to see God when He appears…

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