First Love

The Sword of the Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters

Chapter: First Love (Pages 307-310)

Heroism is defined by true dedication to discovering ways of implementing new ideas in order to make progress within our society. Seeking out ways on how we might identify the purpose that God has for us to be used as instruments in order to grow His creation is our main objective in this life.

Not one person may be limited with the help of an all powerful truth that rests within the Word of God.

Our discovery of the gift of knowledge and wisdom allows us to fructify technology and practical arts.
We are to seek out to establish a society which flourishes upon harmony between practitioners of science and art. Let no member of this creative community of believers feel as if they are solitary or alone, for God sees all and knows the efforts of people towards helping to establish new opportunity for His community.
The goal is to unite men together by common interest and desire. Let us bind men together both in freedom and cooperation.
Without the existence of the condition of being united it would be difficult to understand the sense of community or the objective of understanding. Men of action and men of art are those that design the world, with the blessing of an all powerful and perfect creator.

Many practical arts have been the matrix and origin of our society which flourishes with new creative ideas that allow for job growth in private enterprise.
The specialization of science and engineering is an inevitable accompaniment of progress in our modern society. Science is one of the fields in which growth will always be attainable and new wisdom shall be gained as to the mind behind it all.

The goal of man is to not merely discover new truth but to communicate and teach it to his fellow citizens. It is the responsibility of a man to maintain an honest and intelligible account of new knowledge and how it has been obtained. As the question: “What is the origin of all this knowledge?”

We are to seek out to discover insights and harmonies of scientific discovery that find their way into the broader life of man. Solutions exist that can eliminate our relaince upon money and fossil fuels…Research back to the 1920s and see how some of those ideas can be applied to our modern day…The question is: Why have we not moved in that direction? Our technology today is highly advanced…Why conform when you have the ability to transform?

Science and technology may be a source by which we discover and raise the problems that we face in our world today. These may help us to recognize the evil that we face in our present day.
An artist is dependent upon the common sensibility of our modern culture. Our culture msust present new symbolism that helps us to recognize the deep underlying reality of the problematic issues that we face within our country and across the world. With an artistic

mind an ideal community with a wider range of experiences will be able to discover common ways of describing and interpreting these experiences.

This is a different mind that thinks deep and beyond the limits of the human standard.
The depth of which an artist addresses his fellow man may be a direct reflection of the perceptions that derive from a system of beliefs. The ideas behind the artist are what he or she use as the core structure for the explanation.

Let not the barrenness of man deprive the illumination of the tender insight and intelligible interpretation which applies to all works of art. May we always be thinking deep and in tune with our higher power, God through Christ. By sustaining this focus we are able to understand God’s intimacy between art and life.
Seeking out ways to combine the unity of knowledge, the nature of human communities, the order of society, and the order of ideas will entitle us to the reward of prevalence of newness. By such a method we are able to change the scope and scale by which the success of our economy is driven.

Key: “The dreamers will alter the world by walking through it with a diligence to transform the darkness into bright illumination of wisdom…”

Let us be bound together by both silent and verbal communication which is divine intervention. A divine presence of Spirit is what allows for all, including those that may not have the ability to see or hear, to be enlightened by a feeling or touch that comes from the hand of God. By seeking to discover the power of the Spirit we may begin to comprehend the breadth, length, height, and depth of God’s eternal mind.

The world that we live in presents difficulties in allowing for growth in understanding, in skill, and in power. By recognizing the change we are able to learn about the resources that we have available. Bearing the gift of resourcefulness is a quality that many have long forgotten. Before decisions are made we must consider the full dynamic of the situation. We must apply this concept into our work and creativity.
May the artist be an example of insight and beauty, and may these qualities mark his or her relations with their patrons.
Be mindful of the accidents of friendship and association, for they open new doors of opportunity for mankind to become enlightened to a part of science, creation, and sheer existence. Our harmony and synthesis is the molding together of all the parts of the body, who is Christ Jesus.

You see, we never live too variously to live as one. By bearing an open mind and an open heart we are able to see how the artists and dreamers may bring us together or set us apart. This is the power that rests in the eye of the beholder, or the Holy Spirit.

Acknowledging the narrowness of science in some cases, in specific reference to the unexplicable, is how we know that we may never have all of the answers. We rely not on our own understanding, but in the Spirit of Truth and proverbial wisdom, for she is a precious gem.

Do not be dissolved into a universal confusion, for this is the desire of the evil one. Winning the battle is based upon our personal relationship with God. God keeps our minds deep and in fervent thought of what is to come. God keeps our sense of beauty and retains our ability to make it and see it.

Let us draw back to our first love, the Spirit of Truth…

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