The Temper of A Nation

The Sword of the Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters

Chapter: Temper of A Nation (Pages 291-293)

Firm policy is the core of the objective in foreign relations. In all ways as a nation we are to pursue the efforts of peace. Peace, of all the great values that we possess, is to be sought out in all occasion and circumstance of fierce opposition. Peace comes from God. God provides peace to man through our continued efforts in establishing a world order constructed by the outline of the basic principles by which the world was created. We are to uphold these principles and implement peace into the world of confusion in order that we may save lives as opposed to seeing more loss. The true battle that every nation must face is that of the spirit by which they conduct all of their decisions and actions. The spirit of error has lead to many wars, while the spirit of truth leads to peace among all peoples. May we always uphold the spirit of truth which God has provided to us in order that we may justify our cause in serving a sovereign God who is capable of delivering the world from evil.

Our foundations of frank reciprocity and mutual respect are the character of God. Remaining humble and diligent to serving in an effort to resolve any dispute or disagreement by which conflict may arise is our responsibility. Foreign relations are to be strengthened by seeking to promote peaceful resolution. For peace is of God, and we are all to be vessels of peace and to reject conflict by bearing the qualities of open mindedness with an open heart.


The role of government is to be focused upon building a framework that consists of freedom and choice. The role of government is critical, but as individuals we are to rely on our source of success to derive from God, who is the provider of all growth and achievement. For a government without God serves a purpose of error if it does not seek to fulfill God’s objective in promoting peace as opposed to empowerment by domination. (See-Reduction in Government). Domination is due to lack of spiritual guidance, which we attain through careful analysis of history. History ought to be our learning curve. History helps us to understand the problematic issues and ought to promote deep thinking which forces us to seek out truth. The truth is that we must seek to educate the future generations into a new mind set with ideas that are based upon spiritual morality and religious understanding. By educating based upon this premise and hearing out perspectives we are able to gain a better grasp upon where our country stands from a moral stand point.

For where does morality begin?

Of all the questions to be addressed in schools, businesses, and households across the country this is to be the primary concern. God is the source of morality. By understanding God, and seeking Him, we will know the change that must take place in order for all peoples to understand.

I believe that a God fearing country is where we begin to understand the nature by which we are to walk according to His ways. Without respecting God the Father, what do we possess? Confusion and illusion…(Signs and Wonders)…

Let our country never run its course counter to that of the spirit of truth by which we are held together as one.

Our relation to the international situation as a whole is is to be the peace exemplified by faith and works. Our toil and efforts are to be directed towards peaceful resolution. We are put on this earth not to take lives, but in order that all might be saved by gaining understanding of God. God is unchanging and consistent at all times. God seeks to know the hearts and minds of all people. God desires to know the reason for doubt and disbelief. For if all people were to walk according to His ways, then the idea of war would dissipate and our focus would not be directed towards acts of violence, but acts of peace.


We are to stand firm as a nation.

Seeking foreign relations that rely on a desire to make terms with others is an obligation that we must uphold. However, we expect that others should seek to make terms with us as well. A country that relies on weapons and war is a country living in fear. Fear derives from evil. With God there is no fear. A world of weapons and killing machines is not a world that God shines upon. We are to be influencing society separate from big military and big government. The more growth directed towards a government that no longer adheres to the faith by which our Founding Fathers established this country, the less freedom remains a constant. Is our freedom limited now? Is it becoming more limited as we walk into the future? Careful analysis will answer this question. Comparing God’s Words to those of the human race is how we gain insight and understanding. How well do our leaders of the world speak in sync with God?

The attitude of this country in the past must not be forgotten. For our attitude, defined by our morality, determines the future.

“Progress depends upon the temper of the nation, and the temper must find expression in a firm spirit of God…”

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