Never Give Up!

Leap of Faith: Daily Lessons About Jesus Christ

Chapter: Never Give Up! (Pages 197-199)

In my mind the term giving up does not exist. To give up and take the easy way out would be the common move to make in tough situations, but I am of the mindset that we should never give up. This goes especially for love. Love is worth fighting for, and when it is right it can be scary at first..Just like being “caught up..” (That feeling that makes you tingle from the inside out…) Our first reaction is to initially reject love and think that it is somehow going to hurt us in the long run. I used to think like that. Now I know that when it is right it is every bit worth the challenge. God will make it easy for you if each person dedicates their mind to God and Believes in Him…He will teach you how to overcome the strenuous life…Allow  God to show you his gifts for you...This is an example of the love that God has for his people and Jesus for His Bride…

The biggest problem in relationships that do not last is lack of spiritual awareness and determination. Having the bond of the Pure Holy Spirit is essential to being carried away to a place that does not exist on earth, but that is Secret with God...In a true loving relationship we must have access to God’s direction in difficult times. If we do not have God’s input and guidance, the relationship will usually be very difficult, and many problems will arise. I know that in the past my relationships have had their difficulties from lack of spiritual maturity. This is where we believe that we can handle it and that we can do it on our own without God as our guide. This will lead you nowhere fast.

More than any other attractive quality in a person, the sense of spiritual enlightenment and power is the greatest attraction of all for those that are of the Kingdom of God…This draws you towards one another…The reality here is that the beauty begins from within. True beauty begins where we cannot see it at first, and from there it blossoms into a physical beauty. We all have the ability to obtain this inner beauty from God that transforms us.


My wish is to see that inner beauty come out and shine for all people. I believe that God tests us and trains us before his plan can be fulfilled… Before you can discover your dreams, you must first meet God… How cool that will be when it happens for you! Your discernment is most important and having your eyes open and aware of what you might discover is a very important tool…

I also know that we cannot fix people, but we can always stand beside them. We can be the support that they need by being an open ear and a voice of advice in times of trouble. This is my role. I love to listen and to help out where I can. Listening is where we learn the most, and without it we cannot communicate. We have to be sharp about our listening. It is one of the most critical aspects of a lasting relationship…

Loyalty and trust is another key factor to always maintain in a lasting relationship. I personally have had my struggles allowing myself to fully trust due to what I have seen since childhood. I wish I was just willing to put it all out there without a negative thought even crossing my mind, but I have seen how hurtful trust can be from my own experiences. Trust just takes time to gain, and for me it all begins with what you believe, and what morals we live by. I respect people who have chosen to take the road less travelled. Do not conform to society. Be strong in all your ways, and allow God to help you out.

The only way that I know how to deal and cope with difficult situations is by acknowledging that God is my boss. He is the one whom I rely on for my Wisdom… aside of everyone else…He is the one who is always right beside you, and I put my trust in Him. I just each and every person will soon find out that none of the rest matters. Nothing that society says or does matters. Your relationship with God is what drives all things. This is not always easy, but for me it is worth it to be patient and put your trust in Him..”For showers of blessing will rain upon you as you move forward with Him..” This is my truth.

I am not in the business of playing the mind games that come along with society. For me, what you see is what you get. I am straight up about any and all things. My heart is genuine, and I desire to be around individuals who have the same heart in order to share that love with them…. When you find two hearts that beat as one, then you have found complete love. This is how love works. The “Bosom of the Father” is a great example of this…


Mark 12:30 (nasb) says, “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength.”

I am not one that likes to give up, but I will always step back and let God take control when needed…


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