New Leadership

Leap of Faith: Daily Lessons About Jesus Christ

Chapter: Leadership (Pages 149-151)

When we consider leadership, we need to know that leadership demands support. Without support it is very difficult to lead a country. In regards to the United States, we need to come together and team up in order to resolve problems within the economy. This demands putting our heads together and brainstorming with new, innovative ideas that can be used to drive the economy. A system of gifting or exchanging work for one another as opposed to relying on money would be ideal…And doing what you love…

We need to be looking for leaders that really have the passion to facilitate thought and resolve issues as opposed to making them more difficult. We need to instill the sense of “heightened awareness” that leads to seeing problems before they occur and using that knowledge to the advantage of all peoples. This is not about issues that are far left or right. This is about discovering a solution that begins in the middle and transforms the world.It resolves the politics ideology of left and right…

Having a leader use his knowledge of both ideas from the left and right to come up with a solution that will benefit everyone is what we truly need. As a leader, one is to instill confidence and build a foundation that may continue to grow for years to come. In a sense, we are to create a legacy that may be passed down and handed off to the next leader. The bottom line is that is that leaders work together in order to not make the same mistakes over again. We learn from our mistakes, and we are to be sure to guide one another into not allowing it to happen twice over again. This is part of being on the leadership team, and it demands that we stop judging and listen to one another. Even if we cannot understand why a leader made decisions that had a terrible impact on the world, we need to listen and learn why. I believe that this begins and ends with religion…Religion is the basis for which laws, curriculum, and systems have been created.


I see many leaders who experienced influence from many brilliant intellectual minds that may have fallen into the traps of society. These traps consist of a belief system that we are able to resolve the problems from our own human understanding as opposed to a Godly understanding. Let it be clear also that there are vastly different understandings of who God really is. We need to look back into the deep parts of history to begin to make sense of the creation of the world and the life of Jesus. If we ignore this, then we are not allowing God to teach us the truth. If you do not give it a chance, then how can you ever know the truth?

I see that many leaders may have fallen due to being influenced in negative ways by those who claimed to be speaking truth, but in reality were out to deceive and confuse society. There have been many figures such as these who have attempted to destroy society and have thought themselves to be God. Let this be clear: no one person is God. Even Jesus seeks His Wisdom from His Heavenly Father. He asks questions and seeks answers, and that is the example that we are to follow. We can begin to understand what it means to be built up into the fullness of God, but the mind of God far exceeds all human comprehension. He created everything that we know, and how can we begin to say that we are like God? Remember the story of Lucifer, the fallen angel. Lucifer wanted to become like God in all things and fell from heaven in order to do so. Lucifer became what we know today as Satan. Satan exists in the world in order to deceive and make the world believe that he is God. When we make reference to the Islamic religion, we ought to know that this can be regarded as an example of falling away from Christ…Any person, aside of Jesus Christ, who desires to create his or her own religion and set of laws is not adhering to the Commandments of God. Remember that Lucifer has taken God’s everlasting Word, knowing it very well, and confused many by hiding the symbolism in the Bible. Modern day terminology and translations are one way in which there has been miscommunication. That is why studying Old Bibles is extremely helpful. Do you have an old Bible? Have you compared the translations? When we examine the Bible our eyes are opened to hidden truth that we could not comprehend before…

Let this be made clear, there can be an antichrist for every person in the world. There is someone who has attempted to bring you down rather than build you up or set you on the straight and narrow path.  Many people who have been put into leadership positions have been pushed and pulled in many different directions for the sole reason to distract and keep them away from discovering the truth. We are to take our own road and lead according to God’s Word. We are not to be coerced into doing anything that we do not desire. We have a choice to seek out the facts and the truth. Be careful that you do not fall and become like Lucifer, who wanted to be God, and be cast out of the Eternal Kingdom of God. This is part of God allowing us to have free will. This is a simple truth. Remember that Jesus is the example, as we are all to be examples of Christ, and we are to follow that lead into discovering what it truly means to live fully in the Holy Spirit.


Matthew 6:33 (nasb) says, “But seek ye first His kingdom and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you.”

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