The Unchanging Eternal Blue

The Sword of the Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters

Chapter: The Unchanging Blue (Pages 327-328)

The first priority of the public is to disclaim everything like arrogance and assumption…

Know the facts and why you believe what you believe…Back it up.

Commend the men and women of honor. Seek out the silent continents of Eternity where Christ is found…
Know that the Sword of the Nation quietly rests in the Word of God. We honor not a sword of violence but we honor a Sword of Everlasting Truth.

We seek to perpetuate and preserve the memory of Jesus Christ, who is to come again…We are to multiply His statutes, and He will be our glorious and great friend and benefactor.
May the unchanging blue of the Heavens be a constant reminder of the Glory that is to come. May it endure forever, and may we fear the day when the red hand of violence and force is the nature of our society…Evaluate all things according to this premise.

Has God’s patience been tried? Have we listened to His careful instruction?
In the light of the stern logic of great events to come and those that

have taken place already we must be discerning on how to carry out our duty to living fully in Christ.
For each person must be asking themselves the question: “What is our high mission in the world?”
As a congregation of Believers in Jesus Christ, we must be tolerant to those who differ from us and patient under reproaches. At this point, this presents itself to be the most difficult task. This is due to the method of madness that has consistently been promoted for years now in achieving a state that is reckless and in danger of not allowing for there to be a way out…This is reality.

By all means let us seek to save our nation from dismemberment and ruin…Be careful to see all things clearly and according to God.
As leaders we are to be swift, zealous, radical in truth, and determined.
There is no earthly power that may ever stop God from fulfilling His promise. May the partial, unjust, and uncertain fade away, and may the true light be found. This is how we may begin to discern the needs of this country.
May we all seek to live a life of vigor and buoyancy in celebrating the heroic Spirit of Holiness.

The moment that we recognize that our country has been torn and rent asunder at the center is a time for people to seek out something beyond what they know…

Christians do not hesitate, do not doubt, and simply do not falter in the face of opposition. The heroic Holy Spirit allows you to see the path ahead of you and to remain confident. We do not live in fear, when we know that the Dawn of Justice is on the brink of the horizon.

For who is the Great Liberator? None other than Jesus Christ…

Even having been smitten with heavy grief He overcomes the fiercest opposition.
True fame is that which is imperishable and immortal…He who bears witness to this will not be let down…

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