Leap of Faith: Daily Lessons About Jesus Christ

Chapter: Jesus (Pages 11-12…)

What if we were to possess a new Bible that consists of Jesus’s word to the world and how to approach life according to God’s will in which Jesus would address all the issues that we currently face and the obstacles that must be overcome? What if Jesus would allow us to visualize His perception of the world around us through God’s eyes in order that we should know how we are to fulfill God’s law and His commandments?

Jesus can clear up all the confusion and address all questions of society.

What if you could ask Jesus any question and He could address it? This would clear up everything, and we could once again know how to live according to God. We could learn how to establish a New World that allows for equal rights to all peoples of all races and ethnic backgrounds.

What if Jesus was to just take over and begin ruling as an honorable servant to God in order to design a New Heavens and a New Earth? Is it not written in the last book of the Bible?

What if everything would change in the instant that He writes it? Let’s allow Him to be the author, and let’s do away with the past. Let us all take part in writing out the way that we desire the world to exist in direct reflection of the Bible. Let us address the problems and fix them. Let us discover solutions as opposed to allowing the problematic issues to continue. The more input people are allowed to give, the more solutions we are able to discover. Speak your voice. Remember the body of Christ is many members…It is the Entire Kingdom of God…Write out your thoughts.


Let us make it work according to God’s plan. Let us write our new law and a new set of standards that is centered on the Lamb.

This is what God is asking. He is asking that we, together, create a new understanding of how we are to live in order to ensure the safety of God’s people.

Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome all things? Do you know the power of God?

This is the way that God will resolve our issues. He will use Jesus as an instrument to convey His message in order to reestablish His creation and His kingdom.

This is the way that God resolves the issues of the world. He designs a new heaven and a new earth in a place of His choice where His Son will follow His direction. We will see new jobs or opportunities to learn new things and new ways of thinking including innovation, science, art, engineering, and solutions. This will be God’s way of addressing all of our current issues in the United States and around the world.

In this case Jesus will be in charge of all the decisions. We are here to create a new economic plan and system that follows the principles of Biblical Precepts as opposed to false gods and fundamental Islamic theocracy. We will follow God’s guideline, and we will establish justice and truth within the hearts and minds of all peoples.

What if every word that we need to be written concerning life is ready to be pronounced? What if every word that is written, having been inspired by God, transforms us back to a state that honors the original writings of the Bible, but Jesus addresses them according to His view in order to approach our modern world?

What if this is what God has asked of Him?

Matthew 10:20 [niv] says, “For it will not be you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.”

And in the End, will you be able to say, I knew what He had been up against and I tried to help…or will you be one of those who will have attempted to crucify the only Truth that can save you….?


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