Creation Begins

The Divine Mind

Chapter: The Divine Mind (Pages 7-8…)

God began His work when He created the heavens above and the earth below. For before God moved His finger to artistically design this world, the earth was without design and empty. The canvas was blank and darkness was all that could be seen. God’s magnificent spirit became the art of the world. As God began to speak and to move His fingers in an artistic fashion, the design of the world began.
The power of light was God’s first thought, which would become the image of His Son. Light is the key to understanding God’s mind.

The great expanse became the sky.

God then put land in place as a foundation for His creation to come.

The great expanse of water became the sea.

The seed bearing plants and fruit bearing trees were then created in order for there to be vegetation.

God then created lights that would govern the day and night. These lights would soon to come to serve as signs to mark seasons and days and years. The stars then became a key piece of the sky.

God went on to create every winged bird and living creature.

Then God used His image to create a man. God created a man to

rule over all the fish, birds, livestock, over all land and over all the living creatures.

God provided this man with seed bearing plants to allow for growth. God provided trees bearing fruit for man. God created all plants and trees for man and all living creatures of the earth.

Every green plant and tree were to be for food for every living creature that has the breath of life in it.

God’s artistic design became the framework for the world. His work began using creativity. His mind bearing the understanding of trial and error. God created man in an attempt to achieve perfection.
God began His creation with the body of Jesus in mind. Jesus was God’s first thought. With His brilliance God created what we know today as the living breathing organism by which the world was intended to be controlled. This is how we understand that the body of Christ is the image of God…

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