Immersed in Truth


Latin: “IESUS HOMINUM SALVATOR”: Jesus Savior of the Human Race (Men or Mankind)

 Key Note: Jesus often referred to himself as the Son of man…

              “AGNUS DEI”: Lamb of God


Leap of Faith: Daily Lessons About Jesus Christ

Chapter: Immersed in Christ (Pages 81-84…)

Ephesians 2:14 says, “But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near through the blood of Christ. For He Himself is our peace, who has made the two one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility.”

  1. 1)  The cross bridges racial division.
  2. 2)  The cross bridges social division.
  3. 3)  The cross bridges gender division.

In true baptism we are not only immersed in water, but we are to be immersed in Scripture.To undergo a true baptism in Christ in which we begin to live a new life we must attempt to fully understand Scripture. We are to seek the meanings of each and every event that takes place in the Bible. There is a reason that God has made it a point to mention each story and event. The many lessons that we can begin to learn by Bible study teaches us how live a life fully immersed in Christ.

It is essential that everyone make the decision and attempt to discover all of the knowledge that is waiting inside. Without attempting to learn or understand the ways of God, we can easily be misled. Remember the tempter, Satan, is constantly roaming around looking for someone to devour. This is his only objective.

Created in the image of God, man is incurably religious: “Atheists are made, not born.” And because religion is universal and ineradicable, prayer is the same. Recognizing their dependence upon some higher order of reality, people everywhere seek a propitious relationship with that higher order no matter what their understanding of it may be.

People never outgrow their need for prayer any more than their need for air and food. Living in a precarious world, surrounded by the vast and terrifying forces of nature, inescapably death shadowed, people in their weakness, anguish, and need pray spontaneously. Especially in times of crisis is the instinctive nature of prayer disclosed.

To be a Christian means to be one who prays. Prayer should be the daily business of a Christian. Reading God’s Word is one of the deepest ways that we pray…For those words bring you truth, understanding, and dialogue with God…Prayer is the essential utterance of all the religions of the world; it is not an exclusively Christian but a universally human phenomenon. But the personal life of prayer, free and living intercourse with God, has its native abode in Christianity as it has nowhere else in the entire history of religion.

Prayer is man’s communication with God. This is why it is critical to study the Bible and to seek to understand Bible prophecy and Scripture. The brilliance behind studying the Word is that Scripture is so deep that it has many meanings to different people. It is God’s way of communicating to us on a personal level. If we have questions, we should seek our answers through the Bible. To just pray and ask for things from God is not what He demands. He asks that we immerse ourselves in Christ through baptism in Scripture in order that we might have full understanding. Then you begin to see through His eyes, hear through his ears, and feel through His body…

Once we know the reality of the living God, answered prayer becomes credible even in terms of modifying the natural order. It is completely supernatural.

Since God is all-wise, all-powerful, and all-present; prayer is apparently superfluous and futile. He knows our each and every need. He supplies us with what we need through his Word. He assuredly mapped out from all eternity the entire course of things.


However, He has given us the choice to seek Him. Free will is given to every man, and it is our duty to God to grow through His wisdom and truth.

The relationship that we should have with God, if we are truly immersed, should be as a parent and child, friend and friend, and master and servant. This makes prayer the humble creativity and causality in cooperation with the divine ordaining and overruling.

The Lord taught us to pray, in which we ask not for only pardon but likewise for bread and deliverance. When a man abandons his own desires, he surrenders his will to God’s will. This is prayer at the very highest level.

The supreme illustration of such surrender is, of course, our Lord Jesus Christ, who after His Gethsemane-struggle could say, “Not my will, but thine be done” in Luke 22:42.

1) Prayer is carried on apart from sacrifice; 2) prayer is a matter of continuous intercourse with God; 3) prayer is not only human work or achievement, but it is inspired, elicited, and energized by the Spirit of God; 4) prayer is a gift of power to be conscientiously desired, developed, and disciplined; 5) prayer is not a quest for mundane happiness but rather for divine fellowship and eternal salvation; 6) prayer is vastly more than petition and persuasion, it is “adoring reverence, wonder, ecstasy, yearning, desire, surrender, love, confidence, trust, resolve, resignation, serenity;” and 7) prayer is in spirit and in truth, release from all limitations of place, and the believing heart becomes God’s temple.

In order to resist temptation by Satan, we must be in prayer daily. In order to maintain healthy lifestyles that are in perfect balance, we need to be immersed in Scripture. If we follow this simple command of God, we are able to see how everything works perfectly. To know that each one of us was known even before we were in our mother’s womb is when we begin to see how God mapped out from all eternity the entire course of our lives.

Prayer occupied a place of singular importance in the life of Jesus and all of His teaching. Jesus prayed when he was baptized, when He chose His twelve apostles, when He was transfigured, and when He was engaging in sustained and exhausting service.

This is how we understand what it means to be completely immersed in Christ.

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