The Recycling Of A World

The Divine Mind

Chapter: The Recycling Of A World (Pages 45-47)

In God’s mind, the idea of recreation is at hand. The idea of recreation is the simplistic understanding that we have all that we need, as it was given to us by God. As parents, teachers, and ministers we are responsible for teaching the basic concepts that apply to overcoming the world. We are to be instructing and teaching individuals how to survive without being slaves to mankind. Jesus came in order that we would come to know how to achieve freedom in the kingdom of God. 

Freedom is doing what you love and being responsible enough to provide for your family. The basic idea that God commanded in the beginning of time was to put food on the table. Work is to be directed towards creating an example of how we can provide and not be slaves to the world around us. Of all lessons to be taught throughout the Bible this is most critical in understanding God’s desire for us. 

It is important for all working individuals to be aware of who and what they are working for. We are not subject to any authority other that which God has instituted. That means that our job is to use the discernment of God in order to perceive what has been made by God and what has been created by man. This is a an absolute in the world today. 

Of all the lessons that we as nation ought to be pursuing, we need to be focused upon using our resources together in order to not be slaves to mankind. This is a prime example of a revolution that must take place in order for us to make all things new together as a body of believers in Jesus Christ. Recycling is a basic concept that is at the core foundation of a new world. By recycling our goods and resources we are able to flourish without being slaves to man. Recycling and innovation is how we make progress in achieving a state that is worthy to be called sufficient for God. It is not about how much we have, but more directed towards what we do with what we have…

The circle of life is our way of overriding the symbols and meaning of the world without God. The same is exemplified by the symbol of recycling. Recycling is one way in which God plans on making all things new. By each and every person seeking to learn how one is able to do all these things with the help of the body we learn how we may define true success in the kingdom of God. 

The basic idea of making all things new is empowering one another in a direction opposite of the world. This is God’s plan to save mankind. 

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