Hidden Truth of Father Damien

The Sword of the Spirit: Unedited Manuscript…..

In the underground world we see much of what we know today to be Satanic acts of individuals in an attempt to disguise themselves as Christian. Over the course of my life I have witnessed many acts of deception and misrepresentation. Having seen this first hand we ought to be aware of the underground movement by dark forces to pollute society.

When I use the term “underground” I am referring to satanic acts of immorality. These acts are completely unacceptable in the sight of God and we are to abolish any and all means of promoting these methods of evil.


Let us review the historical significance of the Father Damien. Father Damien (January 3, 1840-April 15, 1889) or Saint Damien of Molokai, born Jozef De Veuster, was a Roman Catholic Priest from Belgium and a member of a society known as the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, a missionary religious institute.

When we begin to evaluate an individual being deemed the honor of a Saint we ought to know that our personal relationship with Christ is how we begin to become recognized by God as a Saint. By sharing our truth in writing our stories of spiritual growth by our experiences we are recognized by God as true Saints. By keeping a log of our experiences of God intervening in order to demonstrate His absolute authority we are able to know that we are on the correct path.

Know that God demands that we reflect all of our actions by acknowledging the power of God’s everlasting Word. Acts of performing good deeds are not only what God demands, as many religions deem to be the way of accessing heaven. We are not able to earn our way to heaven by conducting only good deeds. We are to record all of our life experiences in order to share and minister to the entire world. Just think for a brief minute, how much more truth we would have available if each individual person were to write and share their story of spiritual growth…It would be revolutionary.

The History of Father Damien is a great deal of the unknown. Father Damien was the first priest to volunteer, on May 10, 1873, he arrived at the secluded settlement of Kalaupapa, where Bishop Maigret presented him to the 816 lepers living there. Damien’s first course of action was to build a church and establish the Parish of Saint Philomena. His role was not limited to being a religious priest. He dressed ulcers, built homes and furniture, made coffins, and dug graves.


We must be sure to remember that by living in a leper colony and establishing ones own set of laws, there is a line that is not to be crossed. Not anyone is to create their own laws aside of those that have been ordained by God. Jesus Christ fulfilled the law by being perfect in His Father’s sight and by going to those in need, but not falling into the temptation of attempting to play God. Playing God means creating new law that supersedes that of Biblical truth.

In his last years Damien engaged in a wide range of activity. Damien continued in his charitable ministrations, he hastened to complete his many building projects, enlarge his orphanages, and organize his work. His help came from four strangers who came to Kalaupapa to help the ailing missionary: a priest, a soldier, a male nurse, and a nun.

Know that many missions of Christian work have been overcome by misrepresentation and deception. The Book of Revelation is important to recognize as it makes clear where so many have gone wrong.

Considering Father Damien’s history let us carefully analyze some important factors…The orthodox and esoteric ruler of the Capricorn Sun is Saturn in Sagittarius-the sign of quests, journeys, crusades, and missions; it is predominantly a sixth ray sign. This Saturn position attempted to have steadied his footsteps along his chosen path- the path of sacrifice, transformation, and redemption- indicated by the eighth home position of Saturn.

Venus is important because it is the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn (Sun Sign), and therefore a legitimate ruler for initiates, than because it is the orthodox ruler of Taurus (and apparently the first of the rulers). Father Damien was a man for whom the esoteric

and hierarchical ruler of Taurus (namely Vulcan) was equally as important as Venus. The relationship between Vulcan as esoteric and hierarchical ruler of the ascendant and Venus as hierarchical ruler of the Sun would be important but cannot be discerned because we cannot with certainty, determine the positions of Vulcan, except that, according to the most acceptable theory, it would have to be in Capricorn in this case.

Taurus is important for many reasons in Damien’s chart. It relates to the Buddhic plane (of which Buddha’s are representative). It is a great carrier of the light, a giver of prana, “health and the treasures of heaven.”

The lunar realm that Father Damien focused upon is one of which we must be aware. Damien’s work focused much upon the matter of humanity and doing good deeds. He was one of those above whom the “mark of the Saviour” appeared as he “toiled in Pisces.”

There is a very close semi-sextile between the moon and Venus contributing to geniality and good- naturedness, despite the fact that he was a genuinely difficult character with those who cared more themselves than for the needs of others. This semi-sextile also facilitates the manner in which the light and love of the soul represented by Venus could flow through the lunar nature, represented by the moon.

Pay careful attention to modern day symbols that have represented lunar significance associated with religion and cult worship.

Venus representing the Solar Angel, and the Christ as “Son of the Morning”, is placed in the Seventh House, where it is strong. Damien, despite his rough and coarse manner, offered his heart as a pure form of altruism (Venus in the seventh house).

Father Damien often used practices of “energy of the soul” or “energy healing.”

Father Damien followed a path of earth and service. This may also be recognized as a path of science and good works.

Genesis 1:14-15 “The God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days and years; and let them be for lights in the expanse of the heavens to give light on the earth” ; and it was so.”

In Revelation 6-8 we are able to gain a description of the four fixed signs of the Zodiac which are Leo and lion, Taurus the ox, Aquarius the face of a man, and the fourth living creature as an eagle in flight. Be carefully mindful that these are all in reference to the false Christ.

Carefully consider the facts and what each individual person brings to the table from a stand point of literature and truth. Let us know each individual by their fruits and acknowledge that the Holy Spirit compels us to write and dialogue our journey with Christ.

Keep your eyes open to the underground society of immorality and deception that has mislead so many, and be the light in the darkness. Put an end to the immorality and demonstrate the presence of Christ. Lead others to a path that is less travelled and filled with gifts and rewards that only come from God. By seeking to know Jesus we become like Him, and God teaches us a new lesson along the course each day as we go forward.

Let us remember Christ by His symbolic nature of the Sun and the Bright Morning Star.

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