The Illumination of Glory

The Sword of the Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters

Chapter: The Illumination of Glory (Pages 289-290)

(Glory-The Angel of the Lord)

As we take a step back and review the glory that men and women across this country have instilled into the hearts and minds of the younger generations, we ought to be proud of the toil and efforts put forward. These efforts are by no means to be taken for granted for these efforts demonstrate the divine passion for this country to succeed.


Without the divine fire and spirit proceeding from our leaders we would be at a terrible loss. The key of using open-mindedness and open hearts to instill that fire and passion ought to be the goal of every administration. This is the root that strengthens hearts and minds. This is the core and strength of the country.

May that glory never depart and many the sun always warm and brighten our lives in order that we may never shiver or be cold and in the dark. Each individual who possesses that divine fire is the inspiration and driving force for this country to succeed.

To praise and encourage those who have spoken truth and who seek to light that fire of wisdom and success are those who will write the next chapter in the history of this great country.
The millions and millions of hearts that have been touched will always remember the example that has been set in order for all to use as a foundation on how to achieve greatness and how to be built up into the fullness of God.

By the example of a man dedicated to serving and discovering answers and solutions to all of our problems, not from a polar right or left stand point, we are able to learn how to incorporate the same into our own personal lives. In this degree, we become

somewhat of the stuff that he is made of. He being filled with the Holy Spirit of truth, without deceit, is whom we look to for guidance. This is the true hope and change. 

Let us be humbled by the sincere words of a man who does not seek to gain anything for himself, but rather to build a foundation which will be passed on down as a legacy to the future generations to come. The establishment of this treasure that will not be forgotten demands creativity, work, and sacrifice.

History will be the judge of the successes and failures that we face. Let us make history that will be the image of what the great seal of the United States of America is intended to represent.

May that glory never fade and may we be honorable witnesses and dedicated humble servants towards achieving this greater cause.

Let us light the flame that shines across the world in order that this land will never see a glimpse of darkness, God willing.

Let us be worthy of Him who placed us here in order that we might bear all the character and qualities of the Glory of God, who is the example for all to follow.

(It is also your job to see through technology…it is a beast in itself…)

And it is key to know, that the True Thoughts and Words of most leaders would Never be heard, because they are not politically correct…This is an example of submission to the beast…

It is your job to make the change and to see the difference between the world with and without God….That is how the Holy Spirit “tests” the spirits….This is how your fate is determined…The Kingdom of God is for those who remained true to Jesus Christ and believed in him, no matter how badly the world attempted to destroy his existence…

Remember, the money and material objects are all temporary…That is not the reason for living…Living is discovering the Truth and overcoming the world….


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