The True Image of God

The Sword of the Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters

Chapter: Portrayal of George Washington As God (Pages 79-81)

As we carefully analyze the United States Capitol we see that it is not only the Capitol, but it is the spiritual center of the United States. When we pay careful attention to the rebuilding of Solomon’s temple in Islamic prophecy we see that this is exactly what the United States Capitol represents.

The prophecy of Islam is said to rebuild Solomon’s temple before the coming of the Messiah. This is the comparison to be acknowledged between Islam and Christianity. The United States Capitol is an American Temple of Solomon.

Note that the Dome over the Rock is Islamic. This is how the Capitol was built and we must acknowledge the radical deception that has taken place here in the United States. There are no more excuses as to why we have so many current issues to face.

Pay careful attention to this scripture…

Revelation 21:22 “And I saw no temple in it, for the Lord God, the Almighty, and the Lamb, are its temple.”

Washington was carefully laid out in accordance to ancient occult principles. The Capitol is a vital part of the design by its location and its shape. The Capitol’s most important feature is of course its massive dome which carries heavy symbolic meaning. The dome faces the Washington Monument, the 555.5 foot tall (6666 inches) replica of an Egyptian obelisk. The layout is strikingly similar to St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican, where an obelisk faces a giant dome.

Key Reference: 5 Pillars of Islam…


In most cultures the dome has been associated with the female principle, the womb, the matrix. This has much relevance to “spiritual energy”that can be associated with religion of error. There are two spirits in the world, the spirit of “truth” and the spirit of “error”. One is of Christ and may be seen as pure and undefiled while the other is due to false doctrine and the temptation presented by Satan.

Standing atop the Capitol is the enigmatic Statue of Freedom standing on a spherical shape, which represents Mother Earth. Around this globe is the saying “E Pluribus Unum”(Out of Many, One).

Where is the recognition of Jesus Christ and His Father who created the world?

So who is the goddess overlooking the state Capital?

As we look to see what God says of goddesses we ought to pay careful attention to the Book of Revelation specifically chapter 17.

The dome of the Capitol features in its occulus an incredibly significant painting that reveals the philosophical, spiritual and political aims of the Founding Fathers.

An apotheosis can be defined as the exaltation of a subject to divine level. In other words, this painting depicts the elevation of George Washington to a god-man status, like Jesus Christ. He is shown seated on a rainbow and behind him is the gateway, the vortex, the sungate to the heavens (the spirit world). Washington is portrayed as about to exit the womb of the dome, portrayed as the rebirth of a god-like figure, of which we can also refer to as an immortal god.


To address this directly we must first acknowledge what is missing. Where is the masonry of Christ as opposed to Washington? Where is Jesus in all the toil and effort? It appears to me that Christ is non existent and this creates a major dilemma for our country. A considerable amount of time has been offered to correct the error of worshipping false gods, but the vast majority of the population continues to be blind to the sheer reality of what is unfolding.

To acknowledge George Washington as the American Christ is to miss the point completely. Politics do not define truth. Our beliefs identify problematic issues within our system and without changes being made now, the success will be minimal. This goes to back to God forewarning us of what is to come. God makes it clear that we “reap what we sow”.

Galatians 6:7 “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.”

Contrary to paintings of Jesus Christ surrounded by Angels and Saints, Washington is surrounded by important figures of ancient paganism, which are intricate parts of the Masonic mysteries….

As we make a decision upon our priorities we ought to think long and hard about the truth that rests within the Word of God. To be clear, voting does not matter at this point, until we get a Christian man into the position where radical changes must take place. Would Jesus be a Radical Revolutionary? Something to think about right….


There is no negotiation on this matter, and the power belongs to those who stand firm in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Do not disregard the Holy Trinity and the fact that the Father is in control of all things. God protects those who belong to Him. Seek God first before all things and adhere to His direction.

God is clear in all that He has written.

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