Abuse of Power/Manipulation/Greed

The Sword of the Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters

Chapter: Islam and the Abuse of Power (Pages 203-204)


The truth behind money and politics is that people believe that money makes up the world, but in reality God provides the knowledge on how to address money used in malicious attempts to destroy truth.

When it comes down to hospitals, churches, and schools politics and money are in most cases abused in order for a particular affiliated party to remain in a profitable position.

Let this be clear, any and all false information or accusations in an attempt to destroy credibility, due to terrible decisions made in the past that have put people’s reputations at stake will be addressed.

Just know that God is the loyal witness of it all…He has watched as all mysteries have unfolded…

When it comes down to destroying an individuals credibility, we must be aware that malicious individuals who may otherwise be known as “owned” by specific parties, have not taken the action deemed necessary to prevent specific events and accusations, that directly affect credibility, from taking place.

Society ought to be grateful for the “few” individuals who have used their success to help others, who do not have the means to pay for education or to learn, get a head start…These types of credible individuals and organizations are what need to be the foundation of our society…

Money will no longer be the controlling factor. Washing of funds is a dynamic piece of the investigation. It must be a priority of the head of investigations (Ex. CIA&FBI) to address all matters in which money has been tied into abusing the rights of innocent individuals, in complicated dynamic situations.

This, in short, is the circumstance of key individuals who are critical as to fulfillment of embracing intellectual and spiritual gifts which specifically address the problematic issues that are the demise of our society….

The interests of Islam and Christianity must be addressed in order to resolve the situation accordingly. Funding from Islamic Financing or Funding must be taken into careful consideration and  addressing specific entities must be used in order to prevent any further actions from taking place in order for any and all persons involved to gain leverage.

Operations of removing these funds will be implemented in order to defeat the cause of destroying innocent lives. These operations must be strategically imposed.
What a sad reality it is to reveal the truth that has, for so long now, taken place behind the scenes.
“Abuse of Power”–Revelations continue…

Jude 1:4 “For certain persons have crept in unnoticed, those who were long beforehand marked out for this condemnation, ungodly persons who turn the grace of our God into licentiousness and deny our only Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

The Court of Judgment in Heaven Holds Supremacy, as Jesus Christ is the Righteous Judge…

You have been given a choice to do what is right…and what you fund and create will ultimately determine whether or not you may become a part of the Kingdom of God…


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