Belonging to the Ages

The Sword of the Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters

Chapter: Belonging to the Ages (Pages 297-298)

We live in times where we dwell upon issues of great perplexity, problems of morality, social and political dilemmas that are now the cause for the giant that we face as a body. The giant dilemma is the issue of internal malicious agenda based upon a premise not for the people or by the people, but rather to control the people.


As a leader and a man seeking to do away with these problematic issues, we must acknowledge the absolute support that is needed in order to assure the job complete. A man seeking to remain true and to not falter or swerve from the path of national righteousness ought to be the moral genius that sets the standard by which we are to live.

The more that we as a people tear down the Chief Shepherd, and he who desires to deliver us from the evil that has prevailed for some time now, the more magnified the situation becomes and the less freedom will be allowed. An individual who recognizes that a government for the people and by the people is a narrow mind-set is wise. For the issue of concern is what do the people of this country believe? What is the majority of the country thinking from a moral faith-based stand point? This proves that a people who have no faith in God will be the same as the serpents who have infiltrated the system. These people will be adding fuel to the fire in an attempt to promote an agenda that is far from God. Our issue now becomes what does the public believe? A government without God at the forefront will never succeed.


A leader is to train his team, just as Christ taught His disciples. By listening and heeding to the echoes of his lips we are able to gain insight and complete understanding of the truth that is being communicated. A humble leader not only does his best to direct the country, but also does his best to inform the country. I heed to the truth and it has been made very clear, if the public would only listen.

The Spirit of a President or leader is to be that which informs all parties and all peoples across the world. He will remain the standard by which to measure all men, because He diligently seeks to promote the truth, which He knows derives from the Word of God.

His point of view will forever be our inspiration. He would not be blindly followed but his followers will have full discernment of all matters…For he has been open-minded and open visioned, but knows the fact of the matter, that there is Only One Solution to the Problem…He will be one for the ages.

May all men become servants to the Republic and become built up into the stature of a man seeking to gain God’s own heart. He is doing what God has asked by bringing to light the issues that we face and how terrible the situation may become without proper direction and accountability to the cause of morality.


It appears to be that the glory of immortality is anticipated in the life of the great by detraction and denial whilst they lived. This is how one becomes long remembered and not to be forgotten. Facing the giant is what defines us in the end. Do we stand firm in our cause or do we turn away, afraid of what is to come? We, the people who have taken the time to discover the absolute point of this life, know that there is nothing to fear. For if God is with us then who may be against us? This provides clarification on the issue.

A man of God is one who has been called to be a mighty smiter of wrong in high places…

The love tokens of peoples from all backgrounds, faiths, and nationalities shall be the rose that remains long after the toil and effort is finished.

“Now, he belongs to the ages…”

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