Seeking Justice Out of the Corruption

The Sword of the Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters

Chapter: A Battle Between Justice and Force (Pages 311-313)


Justice and force are the two issues of which we are currently facing a crisis of moral dilemma in the United States of America. 

The state of mind to be established is to fear no problems, nor to be concerned over the impending dangers that your adversary uses to promote the agenda of domination by brutal force. There is a difference between brutal force and defending the defenseless. The moral difference is recognized by those who have been brought into the light out of the utter darkness into a state that is not of the will of man but of God.

The Power that the Angels of God have is to remove all of those who have provoked, intimidated, slipped in “unknown”, and  whose goal in life (since they have nothing better to do) is to promote their evil minds upon those who have dedicated their lives to serving God and changing the world. The people who have been in control of the dark side and evil of the world are now being recognized for their corrupt minds and the amount of limited power they have been using will soon come to an End…God is just waiting and testing to see what people will do…Because, in all truth and sincerity, you are only making your eternity darker by continuing in your ways of evil…Soon, you will have to answer for every action that you have made, every underlying agenda, every manipulative tactic (used to influence the innocent in a way that is detrimental to their soul), every spiritual attack (acts of witch craft and black magic), and acts of antagonizing Christians( just the same as antagonizing the Son of God to His Face)…

The question now to be asked is: “Are Americas’ people powerless (without God), and are the politicians without integrity and knowledge?” I believe that each person must do their homework and connect the dots by obvious analysis of our current situation. But you see, the politicians and many people with the means to do so, have fallen into the traps of the Harlot…They have given the Harlot more power by partaking in the corruption and dirty deeds…


Have the foundations of this country been shaken? Are we facing some major issues of decision-making in Washington DC? This may seem as nothing new, but if you pay careful attention you will see that the fate of our country is now in the hands of God. By reflecting back into history let us evaluate the immense amount of tragedy that has taken place, the lives lost…Have we ever lived in a country where advancing savagely on the infamous road of self-seeking at the expense of others has been at the core of our agenda? Think very carefully…What is the dark side of the world responsible for?

By reflecting back into history we may see that a country with such actions will not only see danger in her path, but lament in her lot…

We are not to be walking blindly, as if through a maze where we may find ourselves lost and afraid, but we are to seek the light gained from a simple dedicated mind into knowing how God perceives the world. We are not to forget history, and our previous position, where we have not been able to see the outside world and the true crisis…

Who is one who believes that by force or manipulation through dirty corrupt acts they may dominate the world? How might God perceive such actions? How many people have asked themselves this question, especially the rulers, principalities, and powers that be?

As a country we are to be a beacon and an open door of equal opportunity. A leader that stands up to these types of people and entities is one whom God will empower and use as part of the “Militia of Heaven…”


We the people, will not follow in the footsteps of those with little faith who have been overcome by doubt…God desires for the body of Christ to be the Cornerstone by which all decisions are based…This is how it is in Heaven. The New Jerusalem may be the example for the world to see (when it appears). How might we begin to know it and recognize it? We will not stand loyal to an agenda to pursue domination by brutal force, nor teach this as a concept acceptable to our children, who are the future…We will let people act, after becoming aware of the truth, and the powers that have been set in place will judge them for their actions… We are to seek out righteous principles in order to govern the relations of mankind.

These parties involved and partakers in these types of actions may think that they have the leverage, but when it comes down to it, and we put the pressure on you to answer for what has taken place, those people who you thought you could trust (who are just as corrupt as you) will turn and run (and when caught, will not defend you, but ultimately betray you…) Evil doers are cowards…They have a guilty conscience…They have done nothing to help the situation or to better anyone’s life (they are gossipers and slanderers)…Their hearts have been darkened…

The Spirit of God has provided for those who believe to resist invasion and all forms of domination, especially by force and violence.The monsters and the beasts of society that have no control over their tongues and also use strange methods of leading the innocent into traps and attempting to corrupt their minds will have no place in God’s Kingdom or presence…

One mistake to Never make is to claim that God is not a man of His Word…
The total collapse of morals and sound principles in a country will be a direct reflection of the faith by which it exists.

The true challenge is to restore light into a scene of impenetrable darkness. Where might we discover this light and true hope?

May we seek to establish a state where the fate of righteousness and justice are in balance.
For we face a war of good and evil, and between right and wrong.


We face a war between justice and force. And finally, we face a war between righteousness and brute-force.
In the end, the force of world justice will rise by the strong right arm of God taking control. The Highest Powers that be will understand and stand behind him to accomplish God’s will and fulfill prophecy…
Matthew 24:36 “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the Angels of Heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone…” (When might that take place and how would you know when it does take place?)

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