The Beginning of True Hope&Change

The Sword of the Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters

Chapter: A New Constitution (Pages 257-259)

The Beginning of True Change…A New Constitution

We the people, have been chosen to conduct full authority in order for this nation to succeed, and seek peaceful resolution in all of our actions, but stand firm in our everlasting conviction that God, through Christ, is to be our source of guidance. We the people appointed to construct and structure a system pleasing to God will execute the will of the Word of God according to the purpose of providing light to our country as well as every other across the globe, that may be lost. We the people will build a nation that is most pleasing to God, by our actions in demonstrating our reliance upon His Spirit, to restore our country, in order that it might grow and provide success for all of those willing to acknowledge His presence among us. The truth rests within the simple fact that we the people have no control over our fate, and that the survival of our country solely depends upon God’s blessing. For without God, we bear no reward. It is our firm belief that we will provide both success here on this earth as well as in the kingdom of God, which is Eternal. Our reliance upon this truth will be lived out and driven by Christ as our leader, the true leader who seeks His Father for all understanding and discernment. My God, we will not forsake thee nor turn our back on thee, for we understand the consequences of a world without God, by the truth of the Holy Spirit. This nation is to be one that lives by a standard that knows God’s plan, and focuses upon establishing justice and the qualities written about clearly throughout the Holy Bible, by which we are to take a sworn oath to uphold. The principles of the Bible will be the basis of our new legislation, and we will never turn back to former ways of accepting false religion and gods over the truth which is the Living Word of God, demonstrated perfectly through Jesus Christ. We the people, believe that our freedom lies in a security that is assured by God to gain us access to a kingdom that is unseen by the human eye. The people of this country will remain true and seek to purify their hearts and souls by a means other than what we have known over the past. We the people believe that our soul is what determines our outcome in life and we will purify our hearts to an extent pleasing to God.

We the people, the body of Christ, believe that we no longer serve false gods or idols. We believe in Absolute Truth and New Beginnings. We believe the power of the Holy Spirit, which is our light and source of direction that entitles us to a place where God is both our friend and mentor. We are rest assured in the fact that this world as we know it was created by something much greater than us, and that we are to serve a sovereign God, who is without blemish. We are to uphold the qualities of honor, dignity, humbleness, and perseverance in establishing a nation built around the Chief Cornerstone and our Creator, Jesus Christ. We the people believe that we are no longer to hide from our enemies, but we are to succeed by carrying the torch and light, which is the Holy Spirit in all its magnificence to other countries around the world. We will not allow the truth and light that has carried us from the beginning of all the world, to ever diminish, for it is our stronghold. The moment that we lose sight of what is true and real, is the moment that we fall into the shadows. We will no longer allow darkness to subtly infiltrate this country, and we will establish legislation that prevents any such method of doing so, with extreme consequences if necessary. The ideology of the serpent or fall of mankind will not stand in this country any longer. The mind of God

will rule and establish a world without end. We the people, hold true, and remain constantly immersed in the spirit of truth which will be the establishment of this foundation by which to build. May the strong right arm of God be the blessing of truth that this country has long awaited.

To Him be the honor, glory, and power. We the people…the body of Christ…



 The Sword of the Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters

Chapter: Love of the Father (Unedited Manuscript)

To understand the innumerable rewards that God provides by seeking to go to those who are enduring the pain of suffering and heartache is to understand the love of God. The love of God is greater than any love that we may know. God’s love bears more mercy and strength than any we have such known…

Without suffering, due to rebellion to God’s command, how might the world appear? Well, it would be quite different and without the many tears, heartache, and mourning that we see now. However, to understand our job here on earth is to hear God speak. Since the fall of Adam in the Garden, man has been battling against the power of the forces of good and evil. This is the result of the falling into temptation by man, by the subtle deceptive ways of the serpent. It is the job of mankind to not be aware of the serpent, to understand the ways of evil, to protect yourself, and to become built up into the fullness of God.

Suffering is part of life, due to the reality of the harsh circumstance that we live in an imperfect world.

Overcoming evil with truth is how we may begin to understand God’s calling. If there had never been any pain then Christianity would have had no being. Our foundation is based upon the law of God. Through our suffering and forbearance we are able to become stronger and more like Jesus. Jesus endured all types of suffering, even to the point of asking God why He had forsaken Him…He was put to the ultimate test.

Matthew 27:46 “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?” –which means, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

It is our job to recognize that we do not suffer alone, but that Jesus suffers with us in all of our battles. He has never not been there when we needed Him most…All we had to do was recognize that He was standing right beside us…

What room would there be for us to trust in Jesus if there was no such thing as pain or danger? God has placed the shepherd and guardian in your life so that you will understand that you are never alone…It is by our sufferings and pain that our faith is tried..However, you learn to eliminate the possibility for suffering and pain by reestablishing things…

An old quote says “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him.” Let this be known, God does not slay those whom He loves…God sent His Son into the world as a sacrifice in order that we would know that we are able to cast all of our cares and concerns upon His shoulders…He is strong enough to bear it all. Nothing surprises Jesus…He accepts it all, and knows the nature of the world fallen. Not to say that He does not feel heartache, because His heart is so massive and He bears so much love for His Father’s creation.

We ought to never question God. For if we live by God’s standard then we cannot be lead astray.

Had there never been natural or moral evil in the world, what would have become of the patience, meekness, gentleness, and long-suffering? It is absolutely manifest that these qualities would have had no being, as evil is the target for all of these fruits of the Spirit.


The more that all of our graces are strengthened and increased the more we may begin to understand the nature of God’s mercy. God’s mercy and compassion is perfected in love.

As our patience in God increases, along with our meekness, gentleness, and long-suffering so does our confidence in God. These qualities mold us into the divine individuals that God desires for us to be…It takes many people their entire lives to attain this nature, but it is God’s hope that we might become more like Him sooner than later. For along with bearing this divine nature come the rewards of joy and happiness, even in the present world.

We are given numerous opportunities over the course of our life to demonstrate the nature of God’s love…It is our choice as to whether we seize the moment and change the world. For there will be consequences…

May the mind of God be shown, even during the wretches’ cry…For it is in these moments that God’ s love is demonstrated at its best.

The more that we serve God’s bread to the hungry, the more our life will be filled abundantly with the peace which surpasses all understanding. The more that we relieve the stranger, the more we visit the sick in prison, the more we cover the naked with garments…the more we shall inherit the kingdom of God, which is in Heaven.

Never give up…For it is in the times that we suffer the most, where God’s face is revealed.

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