The Earthly Beast: Islam

The Sword of the Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters

Chapter: Earthly Beast-Islam (Pages 49-50)

Now, in reviewing the prophecy of Islam. This is how we may understand the events that have taken place…
First, let us address the beast of the last days written so clearly about in the Revelation to John. Following the rising of the sun in the west will be the earthly beast of Revelation- Sura An-Naml. The Quran clearly outlines the actions of this beast and great deceiver. The beast will admonish unbelievers for their lack of attention towards God. For the beast believes that it is God.

The beast is mentioned to have the staff of Moses and the ring of Solomon (The False Prophet). The beast (Number of a man) will strike the face of disbelievers with the staff. This is a major aspect of the unseen persecution and limited power that the beast holds for a short time.

To be clear, many Christians will endure the feeling of being beaten by the unseen beast that preys around upon those unaware.

The beast performs acts of persecution and deception upon the lives of those who understand and know Christ.The beast also attempts to destroy the reputation of Christianity and demoralize its teachings…very sly tactics…
However, the beast has limited power. Know that Christ overcomes the beast in this FINAL battle. The Seven Spirits of God are Vital to understanding and grasping this concept…Remeber that Satan is a master of illusion…and also  knows the Word of God very well…
The world must recognize that all of the nations shall come together and be judged according to this prophecy…
Islam and this beast have used every bit of their power to attempt to kill Christ’s existence here on earth, and to persecute…This is the great deception and God has witnessed every last move.
God has witnessed all of the actions by Islam, having fallen into the trap of Satan in the garden, just as the first Eve of the Bible.
This is one of the greatest truths to understand as to how the fall of man has taken place. It was the direct result of Eve being deceived by Satan.


The beast of the earth fell into the trap of this literature deception long ago in order that prophecy might be fulfilled. Remember that this earthly beast is not God…This False Prophet can seem to be very powerful and is very good at misleading and promoting hatred and hostility…(the beast loves to push your buttons and try to provoke you to anger…) You must be aware of the Son of Destruction, who is jealous of God and Jesus…The way that you handle this is by not acknowledging the beast…and allowing the Angels, who have your back, to handle the beast and all of its followers…

Know that Christ does not ever act as one to abuse or beat the truth into the minds of people. This is against God’s order, as it is clearly written so that we may recognize the difference between the Son of God and the Beast of the Earth.

However, God is Final in His Words and Strong in His Commandments…
Matthew 4:17 “From that time Jesus began to preach and say, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”



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