The Steady Light

The Sword of the Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters

Chapter: Overcoming Idleness (Pages 325-326)

Idleness may also be known as stagnant progress. Today we see many industries facing a great deal of idleness, which in return causes human misery and personal indignity. Our job today is to overcome the obstacles that cause us to remain in a state that does not allow for spiritual growth. We must discover a way of survival that does away with the former things of old, and establishes a new way of living.

As a nation we are to seek out way of achieving tremendous social, cultural, political, and economic upheavals. This is to remain the basis by which we conduct all of our operations. We lend a hand when needed in order that we may increase the benefits for all.The focus of economics will be reduced and people will have equal opportunity with the proper spiritual educational background. This spiritual background allows you to accomplish anything that you seek out to achieve. Doing away with bar codes (the representation of the number of a man) on all forms of documents, and having the ability to pick out your own special code for your own identification (For example: A Special Piece of Scripture from the Bible) card is essential and would be an idealistic way of living. You would no longer be forced to be into submission, but would have the ability to create what YOU want…

Acting today allows us to preserve tomorrow. Failure to discover common ground and mediate will result in a decline of economic growth and a failure as a society. For what is True success? We must not allow for this to become a circumstance by which our country operates.

All of our solutions must be profitable and have rewards (Entitlement by Your dedication in Serving God, through Christ), and no one group must be singled out to pay a higher price than any other. Fairness and equality is the objective. Not-for profit organizations, educational programs, and missions are what make up the character of this country. It is what we do with the success by which we have been blessed that matters.


The men and women of today who raise our food, patrol our streets, man our mines and factories, teach our children, keep our homes, and heal us when we are sick are the core strength of this nation. They are the salt and light by which our economy continues to remain intact. We must recognize the professionals, industrialists, shopkeepers, clerks, cabbies, and truck drivers. They are what make up the words, “We the people…”

We have come to a time when we must act in order to reverse the growth of government, which is demonstrated by the signs of having grown beyond the consent of the governed. The role of government is simple…It is to stand by our side, as opposed to riding on our back. Government is created for one purpose alone and that is to provide opportunity and not to smother it. This is the giant that we face in our nation today.

Unleashing the internal energy and individual genius of man will allow for us to discover new innovative ways of achieving a state by which all people, no matter how they look or what their name may be, will have a chance to succeed independently.

The more voluntary gifts of charity, culture, art, and education the easier it will be to sustain the values of our national life of liberty. 

Our nation was built by dreamers…the hope was that the legacy of the dreamers would carry on…

Let us restore balance to all sections of government in order that we may make progress in reconciliation of any and all circumstances. Once again awakening the giant of industrialization in an attempt to get government back within its means is what we must demand. We must reduce the tax burden through comprehensive tax reform and on these principles there will be no compromise.


We are to always seek to be the beacon of light and hope for those that do not have freedom. The power that comes from the will of free men and women is without saying the driving force of this economy. Without it we are at a tragic loss…

Through our best efforts and willingness to believe in ourselves we will increase our capacity to perform great deeds, unlike ever before. By carrying that beacon of truth we will forever remain the country of God that the dreamers and seers had always envisioned…Their is no problem too big to handle with the help of an all powerful and all knowing God.


The Sword of the Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters

Chapter: Light (Pages 323-324) 

Steady Light

Have we heard the voice of God? Do we recognize His will for the direction of the United States of America?
Trusting the people is how this country was founded. However, the question to be asked is how do we trust a people who do not know God? You see, trust begins and ends with the Voice of God. We were established to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. However, I plead for the sake of the people to understand that any power established by human standards and not of God will not survive. We are to seek out to establish a steady beacon of light that is our eternal guide.

We will no longer allow for attacks to take place upon the people of God. For it is by these few that we are kept safe and by these allowed more time to complete God’s work. These few are the hope and the light of the world.

It is important to recognize the forces that rage against the United States, having heavily infiltrated and infected with as a virus of deception. They are bitter forces. They are ruthless. They are highly trained and heavily influenced by a spirit other than that

of Holiness. If we adhere to the Book of Revelation we may see perfectly what has taken place over time, and what continues to take place today. It is easy to perceive and evident if you only pay attention…ASK QUESTIONS…This is a great way to address the enemy and problematic obsatcles…See what answers people will come up with…Are they false truth and human ideas, or are they spiritual ideas that allow for Eternal growth and prosperity…
We currently face a time of tribulation and testing that is not due to God cursing the world, but simply due to man’s rebellion to God’s Order.
Throughout history we have seen the transformation of our country from easygoing peace to total war efficiency. This is not the state by which God has ever desired. God also knows that it is not easy to make these decisions that in return affect the entire world. It is our hope and our prayer that all immediate cares and concerns will be reconciled by God in His time. We look to Him and He provides the map that leads us to wise and competent decisions providing for our safety and security.

The whole man power, brain power, virility, valor and civic virtue of the English-speaking world, with its entire galaxy of loyal and friendly nations knows that it must be bent upon the simple but supreme task of establishing a sense of morality and truth for all. 

The pangs and toils are not beyond our strength. We will overcome, just as we have continued to prevail by the aid of a valiant few over the course of history. Our strength comes from above and our will is that of a Sovereign God. Our salvation will not be denied and our will remains, not matter what the enemy may attempt to devise against us.

We will not be stripped of our integrity or patient endurance. We will be clothed in righteousness.


The flame of truth and hope which burns even now will be our steady light and the beacon by which we live. This light will be in consequence our success and prosperity for the future. We, the United States of America, will glow and brighten and break through the blanket of sin and darkness that is the controlling force of so many lost. This is the hope and change…

The turmoil and convulsions must cease to exist. It is the responsibility of the people to uphold this stature by which we are built up into the fullness of God.
It is not given to us to peer into the future, but it is God’s promise that by relying on Him for our guidance we will prevail in majesty, justice and in peace.

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