The Importance of Prayer

Leap of Faith: Daily Lessons About Jesus Christ

Chapter: The Importance of Prayer (Pages 177-178)

The reasons for prayer being so critical:

1) Prayer demonstrates your dependence on God.
2) Prayer eliminates pride and self-sufficiency.
3) Prayer requires you to look beyond yourself and your own perceived abilities or shortcomings.
4) Prayer makes you wait, slows you down. You cannot pray and plow forward at the same time.
5) Prayer sharpens your vision. Most decisions are shrouded by the haze of uncertainty, and prayer helps clear the fog.

6) Prayer quiets your heart. You cannot pray and worry at the same time. “Knees don’t knock when you kneel on them.”

7) Prayer energizes faith. Taking time to pray proves you are willing to trust God and spurs you to greater confidence in the Lord and a deeper commitment to His work.

By praying we resolve many problems. Prayer demands dropping ignorance, arrogance, and conceit in order to allow God to take control and to resolve your problems for you. Prayer is the key to eternal salvation and to discovering the kingdom of God. Without prayer we easily become lost, and the struggles and obstacles of the world can easily overcome us.

As a President prayer is an absolute must. As a President prayer should be openly discussed and taught throughout a nation. In order to lead people you must demonstrate your firm commitment to God. By demonstrating your faith openly you build trust and confidence with people. People become curious and begin to think on a deeper level. This is what we are currently lacking here in the United States of America. We need leaders that will demonstrate to the younger generations what this life is all about. Prayer is what our children need to be observing. Something so simple as a prayer at the dinner table at your home will change the mindset of your family and bring you closer together. Prayer may also help you to discern who is with you and who is against you in the battle that we face in heavenly realms.


As a leader we must be committed in our heart to serving others. With much responsibility comes much accountability. As leaders we are responsible to people and to doing our best to improve their lives and allowing for them to succeed and discover their passion in life. This allows God’s creativity to shine and many of our current problems can be resolved.

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