The Laws That Will Govern Society

Leap of Faith: Daily Lessons About Jesus Christ

Chapter: Ten Commandments that Will Govern Society (Pages 113-115)

  1. 1)  You shall not serve any other gods before God the Father, creator of heaven and earth. You will honor God in prayer and by growing in His Word. God does not punish us. He corrects us by teaching us lessons. Some lessons are harder to grasp than others, but it is all in order for us to see the glory of God’s kingdom. God is love, and He desires only for you to succeed and to learn His ways. We learn God’s ways through patient studies of His Word. We learn about God from Jesus and His testimony. We are not slaves. We are free to enjoy and celebrate God’s creation.
  2. 2)  You will not serve idols or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth. Now, be careful as children to not be led astray into ways of man’s deception. You will rely on God’s Word as your source of discernment. You will speak your minds according to the wisdom that God has placed in your heart. You are not to be held a prisoner by anyone. You will not adhere to any law other than that which the Son of God writes in accordance with God’s will. He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.
  3. 3)  You shall not worship any god besides God the Father. Remember that God is a defender and a protector. God desires for you to know Him in order that you do not fall into the traps of idol worship. Idol worship can be seen in many different ways in our modern world. Be careful not to be controlled by technology or anything first before God. God becomes jealous and stands back at that point. By disregarding His commandments, we become susceptible to falling into the traps of the world without the Spirit and become lost.
  4. 4)  You shall not curse God or take His name in vain. Your language defines character, and we must be mindful to speak as disciples of truth and wisdom. I understand the frustration that can come, but we are to at all times strive to be like God. We are to be built up in the fullness of God in order that we may learn His ways. Do not be led into the traps of society, which being dead in spirit, curses God for what they cannot understand. Just strive to honor God in your language. Remember that God corrects those who take His name in vain. No excuses.
  5. 5)  Keep the Sabbath Holy. The seventh day of the week symbolizes completion and God’s order. We are to take this day and cherish it as a day of acceptance, and we are to embrace the loving kindness and mercy granted to us by God. Enjoy this day, and have fun. The Sabbath is a day that we are able to celebrate God’s creation. Let us pray by reading. Let us honor God by spiritual growth and formation. Remember, today is a Sabbath day.
  6. 6)  We are to always honor our father and mother and adhere to their direction until the day in which we are called by God and allowed to seek out our personal relationship with God. There comes a day in the life of each person in which God intervenes and asks that you seek out your truth in why you believe what you believe. Seek out God. Discover the truth.
  7. 7)  There shall be no murder. Murder in self-defense in our modern world demands careful examination. The repercussions for murder will be extreme. This is why we have lawyers and judges (And Some Are Angels…) who have an enlightened sense of awareness that retain a competent spiritual sense of moral understanding. By bearing the Seven Spirits of God, they are able to make decisions that will only help save individuals and protect themselves and society. This is also why an individual may be entitled to a jury of peers. But, in many cases, that jury could be composed of people not bearing the Spirits of God, who have evil intentions. That is why it is ultimately up to the judge and the lawyers to handle the cases. We are entitled to protect ourselves at all times. Remember that once a life is taken it may not be taken back. But we are never to be the aggressor in ANY situation. Being mindful of Angels is important. We now live in a world where Christ is the head of the body, and all of the body (which is many members with many different gifts) will act according to the thoughts of God. They will know how to handle any and all situations by God’s judgment. This can also be recognized as the Judgment that has come upon the world. A man of God understands that aggression and violence is against God’s will. Who is Christ? The Prince of Peace. Live by this foundation of truth.
  8. 8)  You shall not commit adultery. This law is critical to understanding the dynamics behind family values. The relationship between a husband and wife is to be precious in the sight of God. We are to create families that are brought up in a spiritual formation that is centered on God and the Lamb.
  9. 9)  You shall not make false accusations against your neighbor. Placing judgment upon individuals who have committed no wrong is an act of Satan and persecution. Who is the accuser? The accuser is Satan. Be smart. Be in control of yourself based upon spiritual guidance and discernment, which comes from the Holy Spirit.
  10. 10)  You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife or any servants that belong to your neighbor. This means that you are to honor your wife or your husband. We are to be without deception and to uphold dignity and honor to all peoples. By upholding honor and respect, we do not allow for anger and aggression to invade through Satan and his schemes.

By following this set of standards of living we can transform the United States of America into the state that God intended for it to be. Listen to God, and we will see a revolution in the direction that we need to be moving, which is forward toward Christ.


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