Unconditional Love By God

Leap of Faith: Daily Lessons About Jesus Christ

Chapter: Unconditional Love by God (Pages 185-186)

Love is patient and kind. When we begin to understand what unconditional love is, we must know that it never changes and always remains a constant force in our lives. We are to remain focused upon unconditional love in all difficult or challenging situations.

I know that there will be times where love may not seem to be deemed real, or I may have my questions regarding my feelings. But the fact is when you love someone, you are to make sure that you show them that love at all times. The best way to show that love when a disagreement arises is to be an open ear and to listen attentively. We resolve issues by listening to one another and being open-minded. Open mindedness is key here, and we are not to be rude or to judge others. Who knows what difficulties someone may be facing? You are not them, and you have to be sensitive to that. Be a support and a stronghold for one another. Watch out for each other. I TRY to do this all the time and probably too much. I find myself watching out for everyone around me.This is not always easy, but if we all try to live by this simple standard, life would be much easier. When we all look out for each other no one can touch us.

I watch out for you like you watch out for me. I am here to help. I am here to give you support and to pick you up when you fall down. This is how we are to live. This should be applied toward all relationships. It sure is cool to see people doing this. I get a lot of satisfaction out of just seeing it. I enjoy sharing my strength with others. This is where I get my satisfaction. The most rewarding feeling for me is to know that I have helped build someone up into a confident individual. This is what I love to do. I love to see people find their identity and become the person that God intended for them to be. Be that supernatural strength for one another, and teach each other how to use it. It is the most exciting feeling that I have come to know. This is where love actually begins.


In a marriage we are to be that stronghold for one another. We are to listen when needed and also respect each other at all times. Respect is huge! We must have that respect, or everything falls apart. I guess one of the toughest realizations for me is learning that there will be times when we need our own personal time alone to figure things out. Everyone needs space; I get that. However, the way I look at it is that when love is there, it remains a constant. You have to trust it and allow yourself to be vulnerable. If you know that the person loves you, you must allow yourself to be open to all things. Putting your guard up will not help in allowing your relationship to grow. If you can Trust that love, embrace it, and it will not let you down. True love begins with God. Do not forget that. He puts that person into your life for a reason. He will make sure that the time is right and He will surprise you. So, find your true self in Him, and then that door will open.

God is unconditional love. He loves us at all times. He is there at all times, even when we feel like everything is falling apart. He will put it back together if it is His will and not your own. If you pray for God to fix it and it does not happen, then it simply was not meant to be. There is a bigger reason behind it that we cannot see. So, move on, stay strong, and be ready for God to surprise you. He has so much in store for you, if you do His will.

In regard to past relationships that have not worked out, always be a friend to those people. You be the bigger person and be there for them, no matter what. You be that shining example for them to follow. God loves to see that. You be that unconditional love. Keep each other safe…Safety begins with Trust…

First John 4:8 (nasb) says, “The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love.”

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