Telling Your Story

Leap of Faith: Daily Lessons About Jesus Christ

Chapter: Preaching Your Life (Pages 119-120)

When we consider the meaning of communication, we need to rely on God as our “old school” source of social interaction. In the beginning, how did God intend for us to communicate? There was no other type of communication other than face-to-face discussion. The face-to-face discussion is where society is failing to grow. This is also the source of much of the deception in the world….The more we rely on the source of our communication skills to derive from technology, the more we are lacking as a society. Let’s get back to performance and sermons.

God desires for us to be confident Christians. God desires for your voice to be heard clearly and for you to stand up on your own two feet when you speak to an audience. You own it. Do not let anyone hold you back. You make sure that you have the opportunity to be heard. Trust God for direction.

First Timothy 4:2 says, “Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction.”

Demonstrate God with your creative side and remember that your body is a living temple…

Preaching from an outline helps. Preaching about your life and your experiences is how we move forward toward God. By sharing you are healing. By seeking to teach, you are building. By instilling faith, God is rewarding you. Your efforts in teaching are what make up the beauty of God’s kingdom. Without teachers society would fall, and we would be lost. Preach and maintain your focus on building character and instilling the truth.


When I watch those who have a passion toward moving in the direction of teaching, I am filled with joy. I know that the world is learning and that by having Christian teachers in our schools and communities we are going to see miraculous change.

I want all believers to know that you are capable of healing, just like Jesus… You are right there with Him on a level in which you have been given the opportunity to do all things. As long as we abide by God and seek out the Holy Spirit, we are granted full authority by God to do His work. This is what we need in our country and all over the world. We need people to teach and to seek out to demonstrate the important lessons in a constructive manner that we have learned throughout the course of our lives together.

Tell your story. Teach others. Create a job centered on your truth, and follow your passion. Follow your heart, and share the love of God with one another.

The future generations to come are the hope. The future generations need to know the truth, and it is our job as disciples of God to share our power. Your power is what you believe and why you believe it. Jesus is just like you, and He understands all that you have been through. He knows how you feel and the laws that society will understand. Remember we were all made in God’s image, and He is our instructor. God is the director, and we in a sense are the choir. We are His work of art and His music. We are His canvas. He knew each of us before we came into the world, and we are all His prized possessions.

More than anything else, God desires for you to speak and to preach. He desires that you take His lead and speak as the words come to you. He will guide you in what to say, and you need not worry. He will fill you with His Word. We all will become pages in the new, living Word of God.

Our world will be restored and back to the state in which we see and follow that narrow path that leads us to eternal salvation and an eternity without tears, where we will no longer see any mourning or heartache. We will once again know how to share the truth of the buried treasure that lies within the Word of God.


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