The Life of Jesus…Understood in Our Modern World…

Leap of Faith: Daily Lessons About Jesus Christ

Chapter: First Morning (Pages 13-17)

God intends to restore a world created by his artistic design and with His Son, the Lamb, at the center of all creation. The Lamb, Jesus, is how the world was designed, and by following His direction, we will see a radical reformation of a country destroyed by sin. Just as Adam came into the world, Jesus was brought into the world as the example to be followed and the driving force behind the economy and all politics.

Key Scripture To Understanding End Times Prophecy: Job 9:1-8

“Then Job answered and said, I know it is so of a truth:but how should man be just with God? If he will contend with him, he cannot answer him one of a thousand. He is wise in heart, and mighty in strength: who hath hardened himself against him, and hath prospered? Which removeth the mountains, and they know not: which “overturneth them in his anger” (Example: 5 Pillars of Islam-Corruption and Deception)…Which shaketh th earth out of her place, and the PILLARS thereof tremble! Which commandeth the sun, and it riseth not; and sealeth up the stars. Which ALONE spreadeth out the heavens, and treadeth upon the waves of the sea…”

The world in which we are living is to be abiding by the law that God ordained through His servant Moses. The Ten Commandments that were established were the sole reason for the existence of Christ. Jesus came as a man, and during the first twenty-nine years of His life, He experienced many trials and was tempted over and over again by the evil forces in the world. Remember, Jesus was brought into a world in which Satan had free reign and had to learn, as any man, how to overcome the temptation in order that He might know how to communicate to all mankind the ways in which to overcome the obstacles and traps that we face as a human race.

As the example for all leaders and men of God, Jesus came to live a perfect life, which means while in the Spirit, or His Divine Nature, He was without deceit. Not to say that he did not adapt to different situations in order to learn the ways and minds of mankind…He could transform into whomever he needed to be in order to minister and fulfill God’s will…Being God, he wanted to be able to relate to all people… This is how we begin to learn what the Bible references when we read that John saw Jesus coming unto Him. Christ was of two natures before the union but in one nature after the union.


This is how we recognize the Holy Ghost coming unto John, as the preferred Christ, who is without sin and perfected in divinity. Now remember, being the Alpha and Omega, Jesus Himself was/is a king and a servant. Being the Omega, He bore the sin of the entire world, and all people can relate to this state of feeling sin brought upon them by the world as opposed to God. We are all able to discover the truth behind what the living sacrifice of Christ truly is and was. It was a man brought into the world by God, who in a sense lived two different lives, that had a night and day difference. This is where we begin to understand what it means to be the Alpha and Omega. First, the alpha would not come until much later in Jesus’s life, following His death and resurrection. The alpha would come in the end of times as a Savior and the voice of God that would save the world as we know it. The omega was Jesus during His early life up until the age of thirty and up until His death and resurrection at the age of thirty-three.

The first twenty-nine years of Jesus’s probably consisted of seeing much of the world, being carried away in the Spirit, traveling to many countries and capturing the truth behind different cultures. He learned the ways of the world. He was directed by God on which roads to take that would eventually lead Him to His divine self. First, He had to endure many trials and tribulations in which He was forced to perceive the world yet not to open His mouth until the appointed time. The appointed time was selected by God, and we should know that we are now living in a time where Jesus is present. You may not recognize Him, but those who believe will know His voice. They will hear His calling and He will direct their roles. Jesus is the Alpha, the big chief.

We will see how Jesus faced evil on a daily basis and how He learned to overcome the dark forces in heavenly realms. We will learn how Jesus overcame death by its own virtue in order to overthrow the devil, who had the power of death. For He could not have overcome the author of death and sin unless He had taken our nature and made it His own. The lessons that Jesus has to offer will allow the world to know how to not feel trapped or controlled by anything or anyone other than God our Father.


The truth behind Jesus is that He is a man formed by God and guided by God in His daily life. He is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. He will inform those who choose to open their ears and listen as to how to approach interpreting the Bible in a modern world that is much different from biblical times in which we often find it hard to relate. In a sense a new modern Bible (The Testimony of Jesus) with Jesus’s take on events in our world will allow us to see perfectly through God’s eyes. It will give us the enlightenment and understanding demanded by God in order that we can live accordingly.

The one problem that we see with our world, and the United States, is that we are not one nation under Christianity, which is how God intended it to be in the beginning. From what I have studied and researched, I see that the Constitution and much of the content of legislation and policy is not according to God’s plan. We are going to witness catastrophic change in a direction that points directly toward God through Christ.

The entirety of the United States has been corrupted for a long period of time and influenced by radical Islamic theocracy. This is completely immoral and unacceptable in God’s eyes and from what Jesus sees. These institutions and organizations within our modern world are going to learn what teaching and building students into disciples of Christ truly demands. It all begins and ends with Christ as the cornerstone of all things.

Having a record and log of the life of Christ will allow us to be able to live vicariously through Jesus in experiencing His life, His trials, and His tribulations. We are going to be able to connect the dots and see the world as God perceives it through His divine Son and the author of the world, Jesus Christ.

The record of His testimony and life will be the new map of the United States for all of the world to follow.


We will correct and do away with all false religions that have, in an attempt to deceive, manipulated the entire public and been the demise and downfall of society.

An autobiography and account of Jesus’s life we will help us to see the truth behind all things. There will be no more games and attempts to manipulate or conspire to attempt to fool Christ or those who know Him and His heavenly Father.

Believe and you will not be let down. Believe, and the kingdom will surely be yours. Jesus asks nothing in return except for your dedication to His witness of the world and the truth behind the Word of God, which entitles us to eternal salvation.

Recognize Christ in His attempts to restore society and recognize the spirit of the antichrist…. Recognize how decisions are made and the agenda that the rulers, principalities, and powers that be have upon our world.

Our elections are no more about Christian Morality; they are about what is acceptable in the sight of the world versus the sight of God. Our elections are to be directed from a faith standpoint and not for any other reason. For by the gift of faith and the 7 spirits of God, one is able to accomplish anything…The concern is to be morality and Christian precepts that we are to uphold in our nation and throughout the entire world.

Without Christ as the cornerstone, as opposed to this secular system of deception, the United States will fail. The secularism needs to come to and end. Syncretism is secularism, and this is what we call the spirit of the antichrist. There are many significant figures and political players in Washington DC and around the world that have bought into the idea that it is all right to combine different false religions into one that is a rationalization of human behavior as opposed to adhering to God’s Word through His Son and His sacrifice in order that we may live.

Jesus will give His account of His life, and the secrets of His early childhood and upbringing will be exposed. We will be able to witness an account of the trials and tribulations that Jesus has faced throughout the course of His life. We will finally be able to

understand Jesus and know Him. We will be able to maintain a direct personal relationship with Him through His Word.

And ultimately, see perfectly how Revelation has been fulfilled….

To read a journal of Christ could be our key to unlocking all doors and transforming the world back to a state in which God is pleased.

In the beginning, there was morning…Jesus is the Bright Morning Star…

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