Miracles That Move Us Forward Into A New World

Leap of Faith: Daily Lessons About Jesus Christ

Chapter: Miracles (Pages 161-162)

What are miracles? How can society be cured? How can we teach people to realign themselves from a spiritual standpoint? The truth is that studying is the key. The truth is that you can never learn too much or explore enough to grasp the depth of God. God heals and reveals to those who seek Him.

Do we as a society take time to learn, or do we disregard the truth? Do we acknowledge that God exists? How do you learn? How much time does it take? Where can we find answers?

The truth is that miracles are happening every single day. In most cases, society never sees the miracles of God. Your eyes must be open first, doing away with the distractions and sin of the world. Understand that this is how God works. God expects you to seek out understanding. God expects you to be smarter and wiser than society. The problem with society is that many have been taught all of the wrong concepts. The real concepts go far beyond society and human understanding.

I believe that in most cases people claim to have read the Bible in full context, but have not truly done their homework. Have you read it from beginning to end? Do you understand how it all ties together? Have you attempted to understand the mind that put it all together? Read in full context. There was a specific reason for each chapter….

How can God heal the minds of society? The answer is that it is their own choice. Healing begins with a healthy mind. The mind will fuel the body into becoming a fortress and a rock built up in the strength of God. To heal people demands that they learn about God.To heal demands that people seek out the truth of the Bible. To heal people Jesus used the Word of God. The Word of God can heal the mind and allow for God to intervene.


Spiritual healing is what we need all over the world. Without the desire or motivation to heal minds we are lost as a country. Does all of society understand the magnitude of the situation? I believe that many are lost and may never understand, but it is my hope that by hearing the voice of those who are saved they may see the light and be exposed to the truth. It is our duty to God to speak our voice. Do not allow society to keep you quiet. Live out your faith.

The flip side to the mind fueling the body is that the body fuels the mind. What you put into your body ultimately affects your mental focus and health. Do not destroy your temple. Take care of yourself in order that you may comprehend all things. Without good health, both mentally and physically, how can we understand? The bottom line is that it demands both be in balance in order to understand. What we watch on TV, music, and reading all effect our state of mind. Be discerning of all these things. Be sure you are filling your mind with positive information and positive ideas toward achieving a global perspective of things and one that relies on faith for all understanding.

Faith is to be our life. There is nothing else that matters here on earth. We have to live, but in the end it is what you believe and why you believe it. Study the Bible, and all things will come to light.

Trust me.


 Leap of Faith: Daily Lessons About Jesus Christ

Chapter: Religion Defines Culture (Pages 217-219)

The fact of the matter is that all origins of problems within societies begin with religion. Bad religion is the greatest problem that we face in our world. Religion defines how we act and how we think. Religion is the origin of all economic problems as well. Faith is the answer to healing nations that are suffering. Faith in Jesus Christ is the answer to all of the issues in the world.

By observing the cultural aspects of the United States, we see that we no longer live in a nation that is aiming to please God. We live in a nation that is seeking to please people. This is the underlying problem in a nutshell. If each person in the world would take time to disregard everything they have learned up until now and read the Bible (Discover the Testimony of Jesus), they would surely be able to perceive all of the problems that we face in the world and also the answer as to why.

Once again, we see that stubbornness and ignorance are at the root of our problems. Could everyone just take a minute to forget what you have been told and relearn everything? Could everyone take the time to discover the truth of the Word of God and why it was written? Could everyone try to understand the magnitude of the influence of bad religion in the world? Bad religion is another one of Satan’s weapons that he has used for ages. He has used it to distract everyone from God.

Now it is time to override everything that he has instituted and to study your Holy Bible. You have the key waiting, which holds all of the answers as to why you may be currently suffering. Religion is what defines culture. This is a simple concept that we need to pay drastic attention to in order to discover the truth. If we truly did pay attention to this concept, many nations would be healed. Many nations would begin to thrive, and we would see a ripple effect of nations being blessed by the Holy Spirit as their guide into making all decisions. To think in the spirit is quite different than thinking in the flesh. Be mindful that these two are worlds apart. You could compare these two ways of thinking as a contrast of heaven and hell.


By being rewarded and blessed with the Holy Spirit, we are able to obtain God’s senses at a heightened state. He desires for us to obtain this sense of awareness in order that we may perceive all things according to Him. It is super cool to possess this gift of enlightenment, which only comes from the Father.

This gift will change your life as it has my own. Believing will allow you to see a world different from any you have ever known. Believing will open your eyes to this world and to the new world that all of those who believe in Christ have waiting them. Each person has the choice to see the world as it truly is through God’s eyes. By obtaining this gift of the Holy Spirit you will in many cases not like what you see, but you will see what helping save the world demands. It demands all people seeking God first. This is the solution for the economy and all problems that we face. Quit destroying the world by ignoring God. This new enlightenment will reveal that God has a job for everyone. He has a job for each person who seeks Him. He has a job for all peoples of all nations.

Now, this job may not be an easy ride, but it will be one that demands acting and thinking on a whole new level—to think on God’s level through the Holy Spirit. This is what each person should be willing to discover. Be mindful that we can never fully understand the brilliance of God our creator, but we can use the gifts that He gives us in order to save and change the world.


Culture needs to be defined by the Holy Spirit. Culture is not to be defined by bad religion.

Trusting in God as your boss and your guide is the answer. He is the best boss, yet He demands absolute focus toward achieving His goal of enlightening all nations of His everlasting truth.

How do you apply for a position from God? You begin by reading your Bible, and He will open the doors for you. Seek out those who are on the same path. They are more than likely all around you.

John 17:5 (nasb) says, “And now, glorify Thou Me together with Thyself, Father, with the glory which I had with Thee before the world was.”

John 17:24 (nasb) says, “Father, I desire that they also, whom Thou hast given Me, be with Me where I am, in order that they may behold My glory, which Thou hast given Me; for Thou didst love Me before the foundation of the world.”


Leap of Faith: Daily Lessons About Jesus Christ

Chapter: Forward (Pages 407-408)

This is what we need. We need to move in a direction of radical change that is only going to be accomplished by creating a United States that is centered on the Lamb of God, Jesus.

We live in a nation of many different religions that need to be addressed. We live in a nation that does not support Christ as the one and only true God. We live in a nation in which Christians are persecuted. We live in a nation in which institutions have drawn away from the Word of God and have fallen into the traps of our political arena. We must pay careful attention to the problems that we face in our society and start out with a clean slate. We need the error of many issues in our Constitution to be addressed, and we simply need to get back to God through Jesus.

If we do not hear it or see it, then the United States will fall. If we do not have Christ in our country as the central driving force—that is the basis for all of our executive decisions—then we are at a serious loss of a magnitude unfathomable to human kind. We will not be able to succeed without Christ as the foundation of our society. God will not allow anything desirable to take place until He sees our society awaken and come alive.

This is the ultimatum that God has placed before us. It is one that we must follow and trust. Looking into the eyes of many political players, we see that a vast majority are spiritually dead. We need to see this nation come alive again, and we need a man

who will stand up to the powers that be in order to save our country. Otherwise, the state of the United States is at hand, and these are dire circumstances that we face.

We must be sure to not get it backwards. We have to get things moving forward into a state of Christianity and not deceptive powers controlling you or me. Christ is to be the center, and we are to revolve around Him. This is the mind of God.

The world operates from Christ as our source of inspiration and guidance. Christ is our reassurance, and we are to embrace His direction at all times, no matter what the circumstances. The day that we forget about Christ, wars begin and peace diminishes. The day that we forget about our creator, we see the downfall of the human race.

Think hard about this simple ideology from biblical precepts, and know that if other religions had never come into the world and we had listened to God as the oldest historical reference that we have to date, we would see that none of the conflict and strife would exist. This desire is not out of selfish ambition or for empowerment, but this direction is intended to help resolve the issues that we face in the world. Now, let this be clear that Jesus is the prince of peace. This is the Word of God.

Quit listening to society, and think for yourself. Study the Bible, and receive your direction. You will then know how to move forward rather than backward.

Who will complete this mission of systematic change? Jesus? Do you see and understand the night-and-day difference here, as opposed to what we see in the political arena? Do we have a leader who preaches the Word of God as opposed to the way of the world?

You answer this question for yourself…

The Savior, Jesus, will be the one who preaches the Word of God.

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