Qualities of the Heavenly Realm

The Sword of the Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters

Chapter: A Dynamic Power (Pages 305-306)

Art is a commonwealth that each and every individual must acknowledge and give full recognition as a distinguished aspect of our world. Honorable recognition to the dreamers is what we seek to distribute. The spirit which causes the creative minds of the world to excel is that by which we shall grow and add new aspects of design to creation…This is a great way of understanding how a New World might be created…

The accomplishment of mastering a trade which adds to the talent of the world in which we live is what each and every person is to attempt to accomplish over their lifetime. These abilities and brilliant gifts are those that we are to pursue in order to create new jobs and opportunities that keep us from getting to a point of “stand still” where we have no room for innovative growth.


God never intends for the hearts and minds of the world to get bored. Boredom is due to lack of motivation. For where does lack of motivation derive? The idea is to view the world as your oyster in order that you may make it what you desire it to be. By understanding God, we are able to comprehend how we add to His creation through the creative side of our mind. This is the same as the mind by which all things came to be and were created.

Let us be diligent in seeking out to promote drama, music, and all of the fine arts in our society. These are the fine commodities and special attributes that we must dedicate our efforts towards instilling into the hearts and minds of those that have yet to discover them. Promoting to go out on a limb and to try something new is what God demands in order to discover those inner gifts. Many may live their entire lives without ever becoming truly comfortable with experiencing the creative mind of God which is perfectly innocent and pure. The innocence and purity of God is lacking in our society. This is where we may always seek to improve.

I believe that Music has the most mighty, universal, and immediate effect. My question to musicians, who are very influential to our society, is which direction would you like to take our world, being a strong beacon of light for people?

Let our society not become so heavily embedded into commerce, politics, and other pursuits that we forget the brilliance and desire behind God’s intention for us here on this earth. His desire is for us to give back. The dreamers are those who hold the future in their hands. Allow these hidden gems to be discovered and rewarded for their gifts.

Let us also know that great popularity has its drawbacks as well as its advantages. Let us acknowledge that the widespread, instantaneous appreciation of popular melody has detracted from the proper recognition of the higher and graver attributes of music. Music is a power that has influenced politics, peace, and war both destructively as well as constructively. God only has so much patience for attempts at destructive action towards His creation. Music a dynamic force that must be used responsibly and in order to influence the stirring of the mind into a pleasant state as opposed to creating doubts and fears. Music in all its purity is to be a means that a person is able to use in order to discover a place of contentment, peace, and enjoyment…fun…

The spirit which moves in music must be of a higher consciousness that allows for people to unite and come together into a state where no conflict may arise. This is the dynamic strength that music may have upon a society. May music always continue to be a source of positive influence across the globe and in our “own backyard” here in the United States of America.

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