A Message To The World

The Sword of the Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters

Chapter: Current State of the Union (Pages 277-281)

Brothers and sisters of the United States of America, I come to you as a man to pronounce the truth and status of our Union. I come not as a radical man seeking destruction or turmoil, but as a humble man who in all my strife, toil, and effort represents a wisdom gained by careful attention to a God who was once pleased with what He had created. 

Under these circumstances (Key Reference To Emergency Powers-Authorized By God), our country bears many issues, but in all simplicity we are able to conquer our problems through a wave of new revolution towards a generation that holds their heads high and looks not unto the common man for answers, but to God through the Holy Spirit.

I will not fail to recognize the subtle attempts by man against God to force failure to mention His name and His authority. I will not disregard my purpose here on this earth, and I will not disregard the people who I have dedicated my life to saving. We all here on this earth have a choice. We all bear the gift and ability to lead people. Our life, and all of our struggles, have been used to bring to light the state of the country and the Union which has been formed.

In no way do I wish to being about turmoil or disarray, but I desire that we formulate a state pleasing to a God that seeks to use His community to transform this Union back into a state in which we will forever succeed. If we fail to make this change, and our Union continues to move forward without God, then we will see God’s people taken away, remaining to be hidden, from a state that endangers those who know Him.

We are to adopt the principles that support our unalienable rights that have been granted by God.

I can tell you this, as God’s people, by we pondering the possibility of nullification and secession would embrace the opportunity to formulate a state that bears all of the qualities of God, built in the fullness of His faith, hope and love. But you see, these principles may seem to be rebellious to the man without God, who does not understand the deep situation in which we are currently living. Understand that nullification is a remedy sought to apply within the Union, and against the agent of the states. If the states are not in agreement of this proclamation for absolute and sincere truth, which is just in the sight of God, then we may begin to ask the question: “What is the state of the Union?”

This principle of nullification is a practical application by which we are able to better preserve and protect the rights of the people of God. Knowing that a nullification may be used as a peaceful solution as a means to resolving the issues of great disturbance brought about by false doctrine, idols, and gods.

First we must comprehend the theory of our government and the inalienable rights of the people of the states…

By careful analysis of our laws that should be executed if a state were to secede from the Union, we are able to gain much understanding of the underlying problems that we face…

“If a state were to secede out of the Union, then the state surrenders all the benefits (and they are known to be many), deprives herself of all the advantages (they are known to be great), severs all the ties of affection (and they are close and enduring), which have bound her to the Union; and thus divesting herself of every benefit, taking upon herself every burden, she claims to be exempt from any power to execute the laws of the United States within her limits.” (Jefferson Davis)

By reflecting back into history we may recall a place in time when slavery was a core belief in the heart of man, due to racial inequality. We do live in a time where we now see true hope and a country where all men are created equal and bear all of the gifts that entertain the opportunity to succeed. This is how God intended for this country to be. Let us not judge based upon race. As much as I see in the world, I am filled with passion, in pursuing the continuing growth of spiritual maturity, especially upon those that claim to be Christian. God will not stand to hear persecution or discrimination against any man due to ethnic background or racial inequality. Any situation in which this is heard or promoted will be regarded as unacceptable and the powers that be will judge accordingly.

As much as we like to think that we live in a world without discrimination, we live in a world that may subtly be promoted by evil people. We will no longer allow the evil of the world to be the controlling factor and things will not be as they have always been, according to man. Our ways will be according to God. We will correct the error.

The reason for communities declaring their independence in the past was due to racial inequality and persecution.

In regards to a political community, believing that they are entitled with the divine right to rule, I ask you: “Who holds the world in their hand? Who hands over the power to act in divine right?” No political party is given such a right unless God provides. God places the scepter into the hand of a God seeking individual bearing all the upright qualities inherited from the Word of God. These blessings given to a man or woman, are to be used to correct the error, and the mess that man has made.

The political body with Christ is to contain no classes. All men are created equal, and it our duty to create spiritual growth (superseding economic growth) by using our success and wisdom to drive the world. Remember, God provides for those who seek Him. Therefore, success comes from God. We are not to steal success, for this is treason against God’s people. The people bearing success are to be attempting to help those who have not yet achieved true success. This is a major part of success: “To whom much is given, much is required.” 

As we refer to the construction by which this government was founded we must remember that government is not perfect. But a government seeking God, will know how to resolve any and all issues of conflict, just the same as when slavery was a major topic of concern. No man is property or a slave to the government. (Key Reference-Wormwood) The moment that our government becomes so great that we no longer have a choice is when we must arise and shut down the problem of radical attempts to control the people by a means of manipulation. In addressing our current state we must pay careful attention to parties creeping about unknown, believing that they are unseen, and correct the error. Their is no leniency in the sight of God for such persons to roam about promoting ideas that are against God’s Will.

If our government ever becomes so great that we may denied the right to withdraw, having become perverted, then this is an absolute attempt at destruction of our rights, granted by God the Father by which we claim our independence. This is not to be conducted in hostility to others, not to injure any section of the country, not for any particular benefit; This is our inalienable right by God to defend and protect the truth which lies within the Word Spoken by God. We will forever hold dear to our sacred rights, that “We The People” know carries us through times of turmoil and challenges that we face. We look up, hold our heads high, and know the power of God.

We The People, hope that peaceful relations will always remain, but in our current circumstance we must recognize the truth of prophecy.

May the God of our fathers always cast His light upon our country and protect us from the roaring lion who seeks to destroy God’s people. May the True Lion of the Tribe of Judah, prevail in absolute truth, in overcoming our adversary. May He deliver us from the ravages of the evil man. We put our full trust in God, and with our firm hearts and strong arms, we will prevail…

The Sword of the Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters

Chapter: Pillars of Peace (Pages 303-304)

The pillars of enduring peace are based upon a mindset that we are to always attempt to contain dangerous conditions and general practices in international affairs. There are many parties involved in this operation and each is responsible for preventing the motion of slipping backwards into war and savagery. We are to seek to establish a level of stability in civilization and peace, which demands doing away with false religion and forces of darkness…

What is more tragic and disastrous than the repercussions that war brings? 

As a nation we are to bring about empowerment to the heart and spirit of mankind, and to eliminate national fears and hatreds. Our state of national security is reliant upon our standards of national conduct which prevent the breakdown of the commerce of mind and culture. 

Without peace objectives in mind we are at a loss, for the morality of peace is imperative. 

I entertain the hope that we as a country will stand firm in our diligence to preventing such acts of tragedy from occurring in both the present and future. 

Fair and friendly economic relationships are essential to survival and growth of the nations and safeguard the conditions of permanent peace. 

Our nation is to retain the favor of conference, conciliation, and arbitration. 

Trust, good will, and deep sincerity are all key components of a nation bearing the quality of God’s pillars. 

Several key issues that directly have an effect upon the maintenance of peace are trade, commerce, finance, debt, and communications. Be wise in bearing the discernment of how these factors may play a critical role in influencing the issues of foreign policy. 

There is a strength that is available that is much greater than the armies of this world and that is the Spirit of God. This is where our education of foreign policy begins and ends. 

Collaboration and the exchange of views, ideas, and information are all effective ways of establishing friendships that will last. 

The maintenance of neutrality is an achievement that we ought to retain more readily if undertaken in a joint effort. 

People driven to desperation by want and misery may be a threat to peace, and these conditions may lead directly to disorder and sheer chaos. These precarious situations may exist both internally and externally. 

Within all communities we are not to allow the decline of the spiritual, the moral, or the educational blessings that we have been provided with…For these are directly dependent upon our desire to seek understanding of the deep underlying reality. This is where progress may be made. 

Let us not be so focused upon the material issues or the social issues, but let us seek out a truth that provides answers to all of these issues. What is that truth? 

Our national character has been threatened by issues of demoralization which have arisen from a lack of spiritual focus within communities. 

By focusing upon the pillars of justice and humanity, we may gain access to the fountain of equality, security, and our very existence. This is the fountain of living springs of water from which the world has been blessed. 

We are to at all times remain dedicated to the given word of faithful fair dealing with all nations. 

The moment that we perceive a lack of integrity and honor to the truth is the moment when we witness the failure of government. This is a very delicate situation. The voice of propaganda is quiet different than that of the truth. The issue is the direct failure of spirit. 

How concerned are the people of the world with the spirit of truth? 

This is one Direct Indicator of what is happening NOW and the End Times Prophecy…

You can think about it like this: Once the final pages and chapters were written in the Bible, God directly forewarned you of what was to take place…

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