Information From the Highest Realm

The Sword of the Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters

Chapter: Fallen Star From Heaven (Pages 177-179)

As much as we would like to recognize the 5 point star as that of something similar to Christianity, it unfortunately has no such association that I can see. So, to further clear up the misunderstanding and syncretism that has been used and abused for so long now, we must understand what God demands. God demands that we recognize the true star of David, which bears 12 significant points…and the numbers 7 and 8 for spiritual realm understanding…These numbers are very critical in grasping God’s Order… There is no other star in this world that holds 
any power in the sight of God, aside of the 8 point star which is symbolic of the highest realm of understanding….(Remmeber, you can create your own star after doing the work, and being recognized as Qualified by God and His Angels…)  As much as I would like to imagine a world that honors the crucifixion of Jesus, this is simply not the case.

What is the root of our problem in the world? The problem is man’s lack of recognition of the relevance to God’s writing in the Book of Revelation. If man had paid attention to the deep meaning of the star, then we would be able to achieve success and we would also be able to understand the deep underlying problems from within our system. Our system is built upon that which is abstract of the teachings of the Bible. If man had paid attention to the truth and God’s forewarnings we would not live in a society that flourishes upon the absolute desire for control. Big Government and control is the problem that we face. The government beast of society has cost us many lives and a great deal of loss for too long now. It is our job to empower small government that provides protection and structure, yet allows for free enterprise and innovative success. Success derives from what we learn. What we learn is determined by our priorities.

The number one priority that enables us to achieve success must derive from Christ. Christ is the key to understanding all things and to seeing the world through God’s eyes. By seeking out the truth we are able to see perfectly the Revelation in the world around us. When we begin to think or believe that we know all things, God opens our eyes to yet something new. When our eyes see the truth, we know that God wrote out the words perfectly, in order that would find our way out of all the chaos. God rewards us with the knowledge to move past the mistakes and to realign ourselves with Him.

Now, let this be clear, as much as we would like to think that we live in a country that was founded upon the star of David, we were simply not. Had we been founded upon the Star of David, we would live with completely different morality and wisdom, which would provide success. 

Do not fall into the illusion that we live in a country that was founded upon Christ as our Savior. Our system was built upon misleading and desperate attempts to use and abuse the idea of control. Control by any means was at the heart of the mentality behind the system. The system has caused people to lose their lives and to be drawn away from the truth of living in concordance with God’s standards. The system of the beast is one that will not last and simply provides for self-destruction, as we have seen over the years. A society without God will self destruct and inevitably fall into the hands of evil powers. This is what we have so clearly seen from what has been promoted. 

This also goes back to the teaching of the battle that we face…

Ephesians 6:12 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in heavenly realms.”

From since I can remember, we have been battling the power of an authority, none other than that of which is evil. How do we define what is evil? How do we make this argument? This argument is made by recognizing Biblical prophecy and implementing it into our worldly situation. No one can say that this was not written to address the nature of the corruption of the “Tree of Life” which is Jesus Christ. The star that fell and continues to corrupt the earth is that of wormwood, also to be recognized as any system other than that which comes from the Word of God.

As we carefully walk through this world together our senses and awareness must be in tune in order to discern the true nature of the war that is taking place around us. The war is that of the fallen star battling against the truth in order to attempt to achieve submission to an authority other than Jesus. Let it be clear, there will no be submission to any god other than the True God, who is Jesus Christ.

Like I have said before, the true Savior of the World is testing all peoples to see how they act and who they worship. Also know that Jesus does not come as a Lamb to be slain, He comes as God. 

Jesus asks that our country honor the true Star of David. This is the truth behind discerning all that is unfolding. 

The Sword of the Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters

Chapter: Unlocked Secret (Pages 225-227)

The truth that must be told in regards to the star of wormwood in the Bible this is the reason for all the pollution of the earth, every disease, death, and fear has derived from this fallen star. What does a star look like in reality? A star is a burst of light by which all things were created. Research a star and you will see how the universe as we know it came to be. This helps science be proven as to how God created the universe from nothing, as an artist and Jesus as the canvas.

The truth is that the star of wormwood may be symbolized as the fallen “astro” from heaven that went out seeking ways of controlling and manipulating the world that were not of God’s intention. The fallen star may be known as Lucifer (he/she) and recognized as Islam along with the 5 pillars that are critical to understanding the mass corruption of the world. You see, God reveals to Jesus everything that has taken place over the course of time in order that we may make all things new.

How critical it is for every man and woman to recognize Lucifer in all ways…Lucifer, the fallen star from heaven, served a plate of temptation to mankind, just as Eve fell into temptation by Satan in the garden of Eden. This is exactly how the earth has been corrupted and a direct reference to wormwood.

Wormwood is simply rebellion against God, or a man, also known as Jesus. You see, Jesus (Adam) offered his heart and soul, but in return due to disbelief in God’s Word and instruction (Note: Having been carefully warned by Jesus personally beforehand), Eve fell and began to corrupt the earth. This lesson demonstrates how God relies on man for all direction and responsibility. Man is to be the leader and source of guidance for woman. However, if a woman does not listen to man, then she may become a slave to sin, by her own rebellion to God. This is why we are to listen to God and not attempt to think that we know better. God guides all of those who seek Him. But, God expects us to abide in His Word before all else. There is simply no clinical diagnosis for the enlightenment and power that God has bestowed upon us. You listen to God before you ever begin to think that any human has the answer. This is the difference between being of the world and bearing the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit. 

One more note to be made is that there is a difference between man and woman. Man is to be the leader and shepherd to his famil
y. Man and woman are not the same. This can be noted by God in the Book of Genesis. It is important to clear up the dispute that has changed drastically over time, due to wormwood.

Outside of the body of Christ, there is both man and woman. Now, in a perfect body of Christ, we are all one and the same meaning we understand our duty to God, and believe in the brilliant gifts that he has bestowed upon us. We do not only recognize these gifts as a way to live successfully, but we also feel the power of the Holy Spirit deep inside of our body, from head to toe.

The only relationship that lasts between a man and a woman is one with Christ and the Holy Spirit as the bondage between the two. This bondage, united between a man and a woman, forms the two into one.

Never allow wormwood to disrupt a perfect relationship.

Do away with the fallen star, which in latter part of the Book of Revelation, the great harlot that has corrupted God’s creation. This may also be known as Lucius or Lucifer.

This should give you a heads up on how to beat the game and to see it from all angles according to God. 


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