Gaining A “NEW” Understanding of the Code of Number 13

The Sword of the Spirit: The Sound of Many Waters

Chapter: The Symbolic Nature of #13 (Pages 55-56)

The number 13 is known in much pagan religion as one of a magical substance, used to perform signs and “voo doo”. Recall that there were consequently 13 months and 13 zodiac signs. The number 13 is reflected many times on the U.S. $1 bill- 13 levels in the pyramid, 13 stars, 13 arrows, 13 stripes, 13 leaves, and 13 olives, and finally 13 colonies.
In the ancient days, the Gnostics of the early Christian era totted up 13 conformations of the Holy Beard. Thirteen was also once associated with the Epiphany by mainstream Christians, as Christ apparently received the Magi on his thirteenth day of life.

Be mindful that 13 is one more than the number 12 (Angels), symbolic of wholeness, perfection, and harmony with Christ. One way we may change our perception is by looking at it as I have outlined below…1=God 3=Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Be mindful of Genesis 13:25

“And Ishmael his son was thirteen years old, when he was circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin. In the selfsame day was Abraham circumcised, and Ishmael his son…”

It is important to recognize numerology and how it pertains to us at this very moment in time…Recall that The Book of Thessalonians has 13 characters and is the longest name of any book within the Bible…

1 Thessalonians 4: 17

“Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words.”

Numerology is key to understanding what we have the ability to do in regards to the number 13…

“Sun of Shema” =1118=One X God= 2 x 13 x 43

The Father=43 (4×3=12) x 13=God (12=The most powerful SS agents in the world)

Elohim=43 x 2

YHVH, the Lord= 2 x 13=26

2 x 6= 12…26= Two of the Number 6= 66…15= 1=God 5=5 Johns of the Bible (2615)

Zecharaiah 14:9 

“And the Lord shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one Lord, and his name one…”

I Corinthians 13:11-13

“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then shall I know even as I am known. And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity…”

Numerology: 1=God 3 Persons in 1=Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Numerology: 13 x 13= 169    169=Combination or molding of 6 and 9=8…Eternal Key Point=888=Name of Jesus

Psalm 13:1-6 “How long will thou forget me, O Lord? for ever? How long wilt thou hide thy face from me? How long shall I take counsel in my soul, having sorrow in my heart daily? How long shall mine enemy be exalted over me? Consider and hear me, O Lord my God: lighten my eyes, lest I sleep the sleep of death; Lest mine enemy say, I have prevailed against him; and those that trouble me rejoice when I am moved. But I have trusted in thy mercy; my heart shall rejoice in thy salvation. I will sing unto the Lord, because he hath dealt bountifully with me.”

This Psalm of David is a cry for help, as David complains of the delay. He prayeth for preventing grace. David also boasteth of divine mercy.Now, remember that Revelation 13 is key to identifying specific characters in the End of Days…God expects each and every person to be familiar with this information…for it is what you do with the knowledge that matters…

God has forewarned mankind of the things to come. I do not doubt God, and I know in my heart that He never gets into a hurry. He is a God of second chances. He is merciful and forgiving beyond all human comprehension. However, we are not to undermine His absolute authority and instruction.
God is the righteous judge and is watching as mankind makes decisions upon how to live. Has our direction been godly or false and far from God?

God reveals all to those who seek Him. Trust the Word and the Testimony of Jesus regarding all things…Discernment…

Deuteronomy 6:16 “You shall not put the Lord your God to the test, as you tested Him at Massah.”

Matthew 24:7-13


“For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom (Heavenly Realms): and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are (were) the beginning of sorrows. Then they shall deliver you up to be afflicted (think carefully about this point), and shall kill (crucify) you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake. And then many shall be offended, and shall betray (ex. “Set up”), and shall hate one another. And many false prophets shall rise (wolves in sheep’s clothing), and shall deceive many…(those who are of the world will not be able to know the difference). And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold (Pay attention: God can change the words that you read right in front of you face…to make sure that you get the message…) But he that shall overcome and endure until the end, the same shall be saved…”

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