Revelation 3:10-Key Scripture To Hearing God’s Voice of Discernment

Leap of Faith: Daily Lessons About Jesus Christ

Chapter: Legalism versus Christianity (Pages 271-272)

“Then the Lord said, “Because this people draw near with their words and honor Me with lip service, but they remove their hearts far from Me, and their reverence for Me consists of tradition learned by rote, therefore behold, I will once again deal marvelously with this people, wondrously marvelous; And the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the discernment of their discerning shall be concealed.”

Isaiah 29:13-14 (nasb)

Nomism is law that is based upon structure and standards and is enforced by threat of penalty or promise of reward. From a theological aspect it refers to determining spiritual condition or destiny. From a sociological aspect, it is used to control human behavior. Examples of a sociological use would be government and religion.

Does this help to see what the idea of socialism is in simplicity? It is used to control people. Think about this in regards to those who are leading our country. What are their ideas? Where do they stand on this issue? This is so critically important. I think it would be wise to reevaluate someone’s priorities? It is my hope and prayer that our leader(s) would take time to consider the magnitude of their standings in regards to socialism. It should not be about control. God sees all.


Moralism is defined as establishing particular rules, regulations, principles or precepts as the standard of a social group. This is also known as legislated morality and ethics.

Legalism is defined as social or self-acceptance of the observance of law, and conformity to the requirements thereof, on the basis of theological determination of spiritual condition or destiny and sociological/religious control of human behavior.

The gospel of grace is the good news of the availability of a spiritual exchange whereby the presence of the Spirit of God indwells the spirit of man, allowing for the character of God to be expressed in the behavior of a man by the dynamic empowering and enabling of the Spirit of the risen Lord Jesus.

The underlying causes of legalism are due to the humanistic concept of self-control. This is being of the mindset that “I’m in control of how things go.” The humanistic concept of self-effort applies to “works” done by man. The idea that trying or striving with the idea “I can do it; you must do it, practice it, perform it” are how salvation or reward it obtained. This is being narrow minded with the idea that by doing good deeds we will make our own rewards. There indwells the problem that God is not in the picture. This is where humanism has corrupted the mind of a vast majority of mankind.

The idea that by work ethic or strict reciprocity “you get what you work for” is solely directed to making earthly rewards versus rewards in heaven. You cannot take any of it with you when you leave this world…The lives you touch and save are what will be eternal..

When we live by the concept that “we get what we believe we deserve,” we are led into a trap, which has been created by Satan, and are failing to acknowledge that God is in control of all things. We are to serve Him first before anything or anyone else. Christ is our reward…Attempting to persecute or harm Christ has a terrible result…that never ends…

When and if evil attempts to creep into God’s Kingdom…God sends legions of angels to reconcile the situation…That is our reassurance and protection…

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