Keeping Yourself Pure, Holy, and Focused

Leap of Faith: Daily Lessons About Jesus Christ

Chapter: Discernment of Modern Day Illusions/Allah

In order to see clearly, you must have a trained mind…Your mind must not be polluted by  manmade toxic pharmaceutical drugs that have negative effects on your overall performance…Being focused and able to battle in heavenly realms is a must…Being sedated by many of the pharmaceutical drugs that are on the market will not cure you…One must fuel their body through eating right, exercise, studying God’s Word, and being proactive….Do not put any toxins or drugs that you are allergic to into your body…If you have nothing in your system, you have nothing to worry about…When you sedate or subdue someone, you are being used as an instrument of God’s adversary…We see this all of the time…It is a way to generate funds for what God sees to be “sorcery”…“Pharmakeia” is the Greek word for Sorcery…You never want to make this mistake or be in this position…Key Reference to the Last Days and the Deception…The Deception is caused by use of  modern day medicine and sorcery…Key References (Revelation 9:21, 18:23…Matthew 24:24, Matthew 7:21-23…)

Matthew 7:21

“Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven…”

For those who reject, persecute, subdue, sedate, and do not adhere to the Testimony of Jesus Christ, (containing all of the deeds of humanity and God’s will) will never see the kingdom of God. God has warned you ahead of time…

Luke, the writer of the New Testament books the Gospel of Luke, and the Acts of the apostles, was a physician by trade.  From his writings, it is also clear that he was a very learned man.  (One is not to argue with a physician taught and trained by Jesus (Luke is a very important piece of the makeup of Jesus, the Son of God…For he knows all things, just as the Father knows what you need before you ask…)

Luke first met the apostle Paul at Troas on Paul’s second missionary journey.  On Paul’s third missionary journey, we find Luke living in Philippi. 

It would appear that Doctor Luke was a constant companion of the apostle Paul through his first imprisonment in Rome.  And even during his second imprisonment to some extant. 

He was Paul’s medical advisor and undoubtedly prolonged Paul’s life and rescued him from many a serious illness.  he was a medical missionary.

There are several Church traditions as to his manner and place of death.  One is that he died peacefully in Boeotia and the other is that he was crucified with the apostle Andrew at Patras or at Elaea in Peloponnesus.

Colossians 4:14

“Luke, the beolved physician, and Demas, greet you…”

From Jesus’s point of view the amount of illusion and distraction in society has become extreme. The issue of concern for our citizens is that people are not getting the truth and the facts. As a society, God expects us to speak the truth and to not accept lies or deceit.

Lying and deception is the cause of our fallen world. The state of our world and lack of new creative jobs where you get to do what you love, as well as the mass corruption through deception that has existed for so long, is a good indicator of where changes will  be made. These concerns need to addressed with serious efforts to remove the source of the problem (Internal). The source of the problem may be removed by means of discernment. (For God knows all of the players involved-omniscient…) 

We do not judge intellect by the ways of mankind….We just intellect by the knowledge of God given by the Holy Spirit…Angels do not think or act the same as human beings…they are not of the world…Therefore, you respect them…

When I consider Islam and the influence of the False Prophet during the fall of Babylon d I see where the source exists (Much of this goes back to Legalism (Ways of the World) Vs Christianity) Had Islam never come into the picture we would not have the mass amount of deception that we see today, but in reality Islam came only to instill confusion and to disrupt God’s order. Seeking out the truth from the Holy Spirit, we may recognize Allah, a master of disguise and illusion. You see, Allah (who claims to be God) is the one who influences the legal system which also associates directly with the government…Jesus knows Allah better than any other… Jesus can and will be the source of our discernment. If you believe and listen to Jesus you will never be led astray. (This is where the Angels (Secret Service to God and Home (the Body of Christ) Land Security will take action and put away all of the deception. (Chapter 18-U.S. Code-USSS-key reference)

Key Information To Special Ops: An example of a Presidential motocade is helpful to understand the extent of protection involved…we can relate this to the 12 Angels of Revelation…

  1. A Route Car (generally two police officers) drives the route to check it visually up to five minutes prior to the President’s movement.
  2. A Pilot Car (generally two police officers) drives the route a minute prior to ensure it is clear.
  3. A Lead Car (generally two police officers) drives just ahead of the motorcade to clear the route at the time of movement.
  4. Two President Cars (The Beast), one a decoy and the other containing the President, move behind the Lead Car, the driver and at least one Secret Service guard accompany the President.
  5. Halfback follows closely — this is the primary support car loaded with at least four Secret Service agents and the usual weapons, including submachineguns for real firepower.
  6. An electronic countermeasures and communications vehicle follows with a classified onboard team.
  7. Two vehicles follow, known as Support and Control, bring along support teams as well as a doctor and full med kit for emergency medical support.
  8. A HAZMAT countermeasures vehicle follows with a classified crew, able to respond to chemical and other non-traditional weapons attacks and pollutants.
  9. The Press Vehicles — maybe two that carry on board press, driven and manned by Secret Service agents.
  10. Roadrunner, which is the WHCA support vehicle containing comm relay and encryption support for secure global communications, even on the move.
  11. An Ambulance from the local area with a cleared medical crew.
  12. As well, along the route of travel, Secret Service agents may also be deployed in vehicles, in buildings and on streets in plain clothes to provide support and suppression of any attacks.


 When we consider educational programs across the country we ought to be aware that Mohammed is behind the scenes in much of what is being taught. “Mohammedanism” is a very important underlying reality to be aware of. Research it….


Jesus knows all things as His heavenly Father has ministered to Him, in order to correct the problems that have destroyed society. Jesus has been instructed and taught by His heavenly Father in order to do all these things, according to God’s will.

Trust God and hold onto the Testimony of Jesus…


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