The Modern World and Methods of the Beast…

Leap of Faith: Daily Lessons About Jesus Christ

Chapter: The Beast and the “Mark” (Pages 337-340)

For centuries people have been trying to figure out how every person could receive a mark on his or her hand or forehead. This has been extremely confusing for ministers and scholars. The world is so large and spread out that it would take so many years to actually brand the entire world. But the Bible clearly says, “He causes all to receive a mark.”

With the invention of computers, many scholars and students began to teach that the “mark” was somehow linked to some form of a computer, since information was linked globally through computer systems. However, we must make a note of the use of sorcery (Pharmakeia-Greek) and the last days…For Christians who, in a sense fight their battles through exercise and productivity (writing, music, art, public speaking), this is how the beastly nature of the world will attempt to sedate and destroy God’s chosen…When we have full circulation of blood within our bodies and a strong heart we are able to achieve much…On the other hand, when our hearts and minds are sedated or subdued we cannot   achieve our goals directed towards God…(These may be considered Hazardous Materials) This has been taking place for so long…When we consider homeostasis we must know that with God’s help, we can do anything…Luke was a brilliant physician and he often used the Holy Spirit in much of his healing…

With the new construction of a new supercomputer capable of placing information about everyone on earth into its large database systems, we can begin to understand how this works. This supercomputer was so large that it was nicknamed The Beast. It began a chain reaction and revolution of a more robotic society without freedom…

Secondly, the “beast is given to the burning flames” at the return of Christ, which alludes to hell. There is no reason for Christ to send a computer and its hardware into hell. However, let us consider for a minute about where the idea behind the computer originated…For that is what God is referring to in this Scripture…

Do not allow technology to use you an experiment like in a science project. People that are unaware can easily be deceived. Do you see how it works? In a sense you are giving authority to the beast by allowing technology or medicine to control you. Get back to the Word and homeostasis. What type of effect would a strong injected medicine have upon an Angel of God…or the Son of God today? 


Another aspect of this great mystery involves the barcode system printed on product labels and boxes (Prescriptions for example) that could, allegedly, in the future be injected into the skin…

Now, pay attention. The most recent theory involves a new type of computer chip, smaller than a grain of rice, which could be imbedded and implanted just under the skin. Whether it is a chip or medicine it does not matter…A purified body of Christ will reject it…For all types of medication that sedate or subdue are allergies to members of the body of Christ…and Angels that take human form… For example, these devices are presently implanted in pets to help track them if they are lost from their owners. An example that I read about took place in Brooksville, Florida, where a man was welding parts for Russian satellites. He was able to communicate with the space shuttle from his home using advanced computers and special equipment. He mentioned that they were testing a small chip that would one day be implanted just under the hairline of a person’s forehead and under the outer skin of the right hand. The chip operated with a special battery that is charged continually by the heat of the human body. The man believed that one day this chip would replace all identity cards. Just the idea of this should be a wake up call for society unaware…

I just want to reiterate this point: a chip smaller than a grain of rice…injectable….

When we consider the number of his name we should know that despite numerous attempts to identify the mark of the beast with names, computers, monetary systems, and the like, its precise nature is unknown, remaining to be disclosed as the end draws near…By the Son of God and all of the Angels of Heaven…

Another extremely important point to be made is that the future mark of the beast will be a reverse sanction. No man can buy or sell without the mark, name, or the number of the beast. This is one nature of the beast…We see that during the Great Tribulation the works and methods of the beast only get more severe and spread more rapidly…(as we approach the end)…taking not just one form…but any and all forms necessary to achieve its goal of control…The ultimate option of not receiving the mark is death by beheading (Revelation 20:4). Thus, if the antichrist is supported by or descended from an Islamic background, Islam will have its own form of retaliation by controlling ten nations and the economic power.


I know that this is confusing for a lot of people, but let us consider the power that computers and cable have upon us today. It is like a control center that can be operated, with the correct amount of training and knowledge, from anywhere in the world.  It believes that it controls the world. It believes that it is in charge of everything and that it is God. This is the power of technology, computers, and internal medicine that has distracted the minds of the masses across the world.

To further confirm the beast, know that it has been a big player in the technological world since the origin of the first computer. It began infiltrating lives at a very early stage and had the power to begin to influence the minds of the entire world in many different ways. The news is one of the most powerful ways to manipulate the general public. Be aware of this. Reading is much more beneficial. I say we put an end to the reign of the beast and its control through media, press, and technology…for much of what you see can seem to be real, but the master of illusion is behind the scenes…money and material gain is key to understanding…

Also, know that the nature of this beast has been working behind the scenes in all of the presidential decisions and for leaders across the world…It has allowed for the power to remain (Until Now). Key Reference: Radical Islam…Search all forms of misconduct and infiltration…just as the serpent crept into the Garden of Eden, so has Radical Islam into our society…A change is imminent. We cannot allow this to happen. We must get right with God so that we can do what we need in order to manage the situation and make the proper adjustments. 

Imagine the fate of those that take away clarity, innovative thinking, and the power of the mind…

Use the Internet efficiently and have your voice heard. What has been abused can also be used to battle against the powers that be in high places… All I want is reliable information. But ask yourself, with the current situation, where might you discover the truth of what is really taking place? 


Keep all this info in mind. Connect the dots. Pay attention to the details.

And remember, God is witnessing it all…For this is how he makes a final judgment….

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