The Invisible Eternal Planet


IT WAS EVENING. We sat on a hill overlooking the school. The stars appeared particularly bright and clear that night.

“Imagine,” said the teacher, “that we came from somewhere out there in the universe. And we heard that the God of the universe had visited this one particular planet, this blue planet . . . earth. Imagine we heard it reported that He walked among its people as one of them. And so we came to find out which life it was that He lived. How would we find that Person?”

“He would have the nature of God,” I said. “He would be the epitome of goodness. He would be holy, righteous, loving. And He would be humble, because humility is part of goodness. And He would exist to do good. His life would be about giving of Himself. His life would be a gift. It would answer the needs of man and give life to everyone it touched.”

“What else would it be?” he asked.

“It would have to be a unique life, the most unique life. It would have the greatest impact on this world of any life. It would be like a rock thrown onto the waters of a lake. It would cause reverberations throughout the world . . . throughout time. It would change the course of history and the world.”

“And would everyone love and praise this life?” he asked.

“No,” I replied. “Since it was a fallen world, He would be both loved and hated. The forces of darkness would be against Him. He would become the focal point of all evil. And being the incarnation of good, He would have to come against evil. And being God, He would have to overcome it . . . If God came down to earth, then His life would have to become the most central life ever lived on this planet.”

“So,” said the teacher, “if God were to come down to this planet . . . then God has already come down to this planet. That’s something to celebrate. And how incredible that we could even come to know such a One . . . and that such a One would call us friend. And if we should have the life of that One inside of us, then . . .”

“What kind of life should we be living?” I said. “A life of goodness and holiness, a life of giving and selflessness, that answers the needs of those around us, that goes against the flow of this world, that overcomes evil, and that makes a difference for having been lived.”

“Yes,” said the teacher. “So live that life . . . as if the life of God was, through your life, walking among us on the blue planet . . . and it will be so.”

The Mission: Make it your aim this day to live the life of God in this world. Live to bless, to fill, to save, to overcome, and to change the world.

John 15:14–16; Ephesians 1:20–21; Colossians 1:10–11; Hebrews 13:8”


THE DAY WAS sunny with a cool afternoon breeze. We were walking through a garden of olive trees, the leaves of which were rustling in the wind.

“A mystery,” said the teacher. “Listen to these words written by the apostle: ‘For as woman came from man, even so man comes through woman.’ What does it mean?”

“‘As woman came from man’ . . . So from Adam came Eve. But after that, every man comes into the world through a woman . . . ‘so man comes through woman.’”

“It’s a circle of love,” he said, “a circle of being. The one comes from the other and the other comes through the one. They each come through the other. And yet it contains an even deeper mystery. Adam was created in the image of God, the visible reflection of the invisible realities of God. So if from Adam came Eve, if from the man came the woman, then what is this a reflection of? What then came from God?”

“The creation came from God,” I replied.

“So the one came from the other,” said the teacher, “but the mystery, then the other must come through the one. So if the creation came from God, then . . .”
“Then God . . . must come through the creation.”

“Yes,” said the teacher. “As man comes through woman who came from man, so God must come through the creation that came from Him . . . And so God is born among us. And the circle is complete.”

“Israel,” I said. “Israel also came from God. So as the man comes through the woman, so the God of Israel must come through Israel . . . God must be born of Israel.”
He paused, looked into my eyes, and said, “And what else comes from God?”

“We do,” I said. “We came into existence from God.”

“The one from the other and the other from the one. So what about you?”

“I came into existence from God. Therefore, it’s only complete if God is born through me.”

“You exist from Him . . . that He might exist through you. And what is salvation? It is exactly that. It is this mystery. It is God come through you who came from Him . . . His life now born through your life. And that is the purpose of your life. So make this your aim: Let God come through you. Let His love, His goodness, His nature, His presence, let His life come through your life . . . the one from the other and the other through the one. And then the circle . . . is complete.”

The Mission: Take part in the mystery today. Let the life, the love, the goodness, the power, and the presence of God, through your life, be born.

Genesis 2:21–23; 1 Corinthians 11:11–12; Ephesians 5:25–32”

Excerpt From: Jonathan Cahn. “The Book of Mysteries.” iBooks.


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