Understanding the Birth of A Savior-Life is Heavens Womb…The Predecessor to Eternity


WHAT IS IT,” asked the teacher, “that makes a story good or bad, happy or sad? What if I told you the story of a man hated by his own family, sold into slavery, taken to a foreign land, thrown into a prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and forgotten by man and, it seems, by God. What kind of story would you say it is?”

“A sad story. A story of injustice and oppression . . . a tragedy.”

“But the story is from the Book of Genesis. And the man is Joseph. And He will end up being released from prison, given a position of great honor, saving Egypt from famine, and being reconciled to his family. Now would you still say the story is sad and tragic?”

“No. I would say the story is one of triumph.”

“And you would be right,” he said. “The parts of a story are not all of equal weight. ”

“A happy story with a tragic end is not a happy story, but a tragic one. A tragic story with a triumphant ending is not a tragic story, but a triumphant one. You can never judge a story by its beginning or middle, or by any of its parts before its ending. It is the ending of the story that determines everything that went before it. Always remember that. The nature of the story is determined by its end . . . so too the story of your life. You can never judge your story by your current circumstances or problems. And as long as you’re on earth, you haven’t seen the end of the story.”

“So then one can never know what kind of story you’re in.”

“Not so,” said the teacher. “If you’re a child of God, the end of the story is revealed.”

“Which is . . .”

“Victory, restoration, triumph, blessing, joy, and glory. And it is that end that makes your life a good story, a wonderful story. Therefore, when you look at your life, see everything in the light of that ending . . . every problem, every defeat, every sorrow, every failure, every evil . . . they’re only the components of a story of triumph and glory. Fix your eyes on the end of the story. And press on to that end. For it is that end that makes your story and your life . . . a great one.”

The Mission: No matter what you’re going through today or in your life, believe, look to, and live in confidence to the end of the story.

Job 42:10–17; Luke 24:46–53; 2 Corinthians 2:14; Hebrews 12:1–2
The End of the Story”

“HEAVEN’S WOMB”-Key to Understanding…

WE HAD BEEN observing one of the tent villages when suddenly the stillness was suddenly broken by a burst of high-pitched cries of excitement.

“Birth,” said the teacher. “Do you remember when we saw the woman sitting by the tent door, the one who was expecting? That’s the sound of celebration for her newborn baby.”
It was some time before people began emerging from the tent, first a middle-aged woman, a friend or relative of the mother, cradling the newborn baby boy.

“Do you remember when I spoke of the child in the womb . . . how that child would never be able to make sense of his life in the womb, because the womb was not the world he was made for, but the place of preparation for the world he was made for? It wasn’t just a revelation about heaven. It was a revelation about this world . . . and about your life. When Messiah spoke of what comes after this world, He spoke of it as the day we ‘enter life.’ Think about it . . . to enter life. If we will enter life then, then what is this present life?”

“It must be pre-life,” I said.

“Yes,” he said. “Pre-life . . . pre-birth. In fact, it is written in the Scriptures that ‘the whole creation groans and labors with birth pains together until now.’ This entire life is prenatal. Do you know what this life really is?”


“The womb of heaven,” he said. “This life is heaven’s womb. It’s not what you’re destined for. It’s not your home. It’s the place of your preparation for the place you are destined for. As the womb was to prepare you for this life . . . this life is to prepare you for what is yet to come. As an unborn child can never understand or judge his life by the womb, neither can you understand or judge your life by your present circumstances . . . but only by that which they are preparing you for . . . heaven. And God will use everything of this world, and everything in your life, the joys and the sorrows, the victories and the losses, the mountains and the valleys, all of it, to prepare you, to grow you, and to form you into the child of heaven you are yet to become. From here on, see this world and your life as it actually is, and let it prepare you for the life beyond this life, and the world beyond this world, that you would be ready on that day . . . when you leave this world . . . and are born to eternity. For everything you’ve known of this world and of your life on earth . . . was none other than heaven’s womb.”

The Mission: Take part in a new revelation—see everything in your life, as your preparation for eternal life. See this life as the womb of heaven. And live your life accordingly.

Psalm 139:13–16; Matthew 18:3; 19:7; John 16:21–22; Romans 8:22–23, 29
Heaven’s Womb”

Excerpt From: Jonathan Cahn. “The Book of Mysteries.” iBooks. https://itun.es/us/v7hZdb.l

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