Creating a Sunrise or a Sunset…God’s Truth and Art…


IT WAS A warm, breezy morning. We were sitting on the side of one of the hills that overlooked the school.

“I believe I made a discovery,” I said.
“I’d love to hear it,” said the teacher.
“Shemini Atzeret is the Eighth Day . . . but there’s another Eighth Day.”
“And what day is that?”
“The resurrection,” I said, “the day of the resurrection. The resurrection happened on the first day of the week. Therefore, it was the Eighth Day.”
“It was the Eighth Day. So what does that mean?”

“The Eighth Day is about leaving the old creation . . .”
“Yes, and the resurrection is also about leaving the old life.”

“The Eighth Day,” I said, “is the day of transcending, of breaking out of the limitations of the finite and into the realm of the infinite.”

“And the resurrection is also the day of transcending the old, overcoming the ultimate limitation, death, and thus every limitation.”

“And the Eighth Day is the day after the end . . .”
“As is the resurrection . . . the day after the end of the old life, the old existence, and the power to live beyond it.”

“So the two days,” I said, “the day of the resurrection and the day of eternity, are joined together.”
“And on what Hebrew holy day was the resurrection?” he asked.

“The Day of the Firstfruits.”
“Yes,” said the teacher. “The resurrection is the firstfruits of the age to come, the first manifestation of the Eighth Day, heaven. And when in the week do most of Messiah’s people gather?”
“On the first day.”

“Which means they gather on the Eighth Day. They gather on the Eighth Day becausethey are of the Eighth Day. For all who are of Messiah are given the power of the Eighth Day, the power to leave the old life, to transcend this creation, to overcome all limitations, to live after the end, and in the realm of the heavenly. So do not be bound by this age. Live beyond it. For we are not of this world . . . We are children of the Eighth Day.”

The Mission: Learn the secret of living in the Eighth Day—beyond the flesh, beyond the world, beyond the self, beyond the old—in the beyond of now.

John 20:1; Acts 20:7; Romans 6:5–11; 12:2; 1 John 4:4

The Mystery of the Eighth Day I–III


HE HAD IN his hand a parchment and was studying its text. “It’s from the Book of Psalms,” he said. “Some translations render the passage as if it was speaking about waking up early. But it can literally be translated as, ‘I will awake the dawn.’ Imagine that!

(Key To Understanding Awaking the Kingdom of God)

Imagine if you had the power to wake the dawn! Would you like to know how?”
“To wake the dawn?” I asked.
“Tell me,” said the teacher, “why is it dark?”
“Because it’s nighttime,” I replied.

“Not really,” he replied. “It has nothing to do with the time. We think of night as a period of time. And, of course, in one sense, it is. But night is not so much a period of time as it is a state of being. It isn’t dark because it’s nighttime. It’s nighttime because it’s dark. Night is the effect of the earth’s turning away from the light of the sun. Night is the earth dwelling in its own shadow. God is Light. So when you turn away from God, you create the night. When you turn away from His presence, night comes into your life. When you turn away from His truth and away from His love, darkness comes to your heart. And you end up dwelling in your own shadow, in the shadow of your turning.”
He paused a few moments before continuing to speak.

“So is the night,” said the teacher. “What about the dawn? What is the dawn?”
“Dawn is when the earth turns away from the darkness and back to the sun.”
“So how do you bring about the dawn? How do you cause a sunrise? You turn away from the darkness. You turn away from your sins, away from substitutes and distractions and idols. You turn away even from focusing on yourself and your own shadow. And you turn back to the Light. You don’t have to wait for the dawn. You can cause the dawn to come. You can make the sun to rise. Turn away from the darkness. Turn away from all darkness, and turn to the Light.

Key Point: “Then the Light will break through your darkness.” Then the sunrise will light up your life. Then the joy of the morning will replace the tears of night. Imagine if you had the power to cause a sunrise! In Him, you do . . . Now awake the dawn!”

The Mission: Today, turn your eyes away from darkness. Turn them back to the Light. Cause the sun to rise. Awake the dawn!

Psalms 57:8; 112:4; Acts 26:18; Romans 13:12

She Like the Dawn

Excerpt From: Jonathan Cahn. “The Book of Mysteries.” iBooks.

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