The Hidden Faces of God


WE SAT ON the bottom ledge of my window looking out at the star-filled night.

“God has a name,” said the teacher, “a name that has to do with you, and you only, a secret name that only you know the meaning of.”

“I don’t understand.”

“When Jacob wrestled with God, God asked him for his name. And when he spoke it, God changed his name from Jacob to Israel. But did you know that Jacob also asked God for His Name that night?”

“And what was the answer?”

“It doesn’t say…

But soon after the encounter, Jacob would reveal the Name of God. He would build an altar and call it El Elohai Yisrael. El Elohai Yisrael means God, the God of Israel. What was he saying?”

“Israel was Jacob’s own name. So for Jacob to call Him ‘the God of Israel’ is the same as naming Him ‘the God of me. ”

“Exactly. And throughout the Scriptures, God would refer Himself as the God of Israel. You see, it is God’s will to join His Name to the name of His people. And the Scriptures say that if you’re born again, you are also Israel. So you must also join your name to the Name of God. It means it’s not enough to call Him God. You must give Him a new name.”

“How can I give God a name?”

“He must become the God of you, the God of . . .” he paused, “your name.

The one named John must know Him as the God of John. The one named Mary must know Him as the God of Mary. It is His will that your name be in His Name and that His Name be joined to yours, just as His life is joined to your life and His identity to your identity. His secret Name is as sacred as all His other Names. It means He’s the God of your existence, your life, the God of your past, the God of your needs, the God of your wounds, the God of your heart. It means He’s the God of you and and all you are . . . So it is the Name that only you and He fully know the meaning of. So Jacob asked God for His Name and then discovered it. And for those who truly know Him, this is the name they too discovered . . . the sacred Name: the God of you.”

The teacher left my room. I was now alone, gazing out the window at the star-filled sky and pondering the love of the One who bore a secret Name . . . the God of me.

The Mission: Speak God’s secret name—the God of you, the God of your name. Ponder what that means: He’s the God of all you are and has chosen your name in His.

Genesis 32:29–33:20; Psalm 18:2; Isaiah 48:1



IT WAS A sunny day. We were standing next to a pool of water formed of the desert rains. I was looking at my reflection in the water when I noticed the reflection of another. It was the face of the teacher. He was standing over my shoulder.

“Imagine,” he said, as I watched him speak through the waters, “imagine seeing the face of God. In Hebrew the word for face is panim. Do you notice anything about it?”

“It has im at the end,” I said. “So that would make it plural?”

“It would,” he said. “So the word face is not really face but faces. So to speak of the face of God in Hebrew is to speak of the faces of God. And what is a face? It’s not the essence of the person or being, but the appearance. It’s how you know and recognize another. And how do you see the face of God? By the panim . . . through His many faces.

You see them in His blessings, in His provisions, in every good thing that has blessed your life, in the love He wove into those who once cared for you, in every kindness shown to you in your time of need, in every good given to you by His people. In their loving you, He was loving you. In their helping you, it was He who was helping you. And in their encouragements, it was He who was encouraging you. In their panim, in their faces, was the panim, the face of God.

And as Mary Magdalene looked into the face of God but didn’t realize it was His face, so too in your life you have looked into His face and not realized it was the face of God. But if you look, you’ll see it. For ‘blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.’ Look always for the good, for the holy, and the beautiful, and you’ll find, and you’ll see the face of God.”

He turned from the waters. I did likewise. We were now face-to-face.

“And one more thing,” he said. “When you allow your life to be used as a vessel of His love and your heart to be moved by His Spirit, then when people look at you, they will see the face of God. Now look back at the waters. Do you know what you’re looking at?”


“A face,” he said. “You’re looking at . . . one of the faces of God.”

The Mission: Today make it your aim to see the faces of God in all their appearances. And be one of them.

Genesis 32:30; Numbers 6:24–27; Matthew 5:8; 2 Corinthians 3:7, 13, 18

The Face of Messiah……..

Excerpt From: Jonathan Cahn. “The Book of Mysteries.” iBooks.

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