The True Horse and Quality of Omnipotence


HE LED ME out in the darkness of the night to a sandy expanse. There we lay down and gazed up into the star-filled skies.

“It’s so vast,” said the teacher, without turning from his upward gaze.
“The sky?” I answered. “I would think it is.”

“In Hebrew, the word for heaven is shamayim. The word for earth is aretz. When you hear a Hebrew word that ends with im, it’s a sign that word is plural. So what does this tell you?”

“The word for heaven is plural . . . but the word for earth is not?”
“Correct. Shamayim, heaven, is plural, but aretz, earth, is not. And it’s not just the words; it’s what the words represent.”
“Which is . . .”

“That which is earthly is singular. That which belongs to the physical realm is finite. Everything that is physical is limited. That’s why, no matter how much of the earthly realm you get, no matter how many earthly possessions you possess, it can never fill you or bring you completion.”

“Because they’re limited,” I said, “because they’re finite.”

“And so a life focused on the physical . . .”

“Is a life filled with limitations.”
“But if you empty your heart of physical things . . .”

“Then you empty yourself of limitations.”

“So the things of earth are finite,” he said, “but the things of heaven are infinite. The physical is limited, but the spiritual is unlimited. Only that which is spiritual, the infinite, can fill the heart.”

“But how does one get away from living in the earthly realm?”
“One doesn’t,” said the teacher. “You can’t escape living in the earthly realm—but you don’t have to live of the earthly realm. You must deal with earthly things, but you don’t have to fill your heart with them. Set your heart on that which is heavenly. Fill up your heart with that which is spiritual. For heaven is shamayim, and shamayim has no limitation. And, therefore, a heart filled up with that which is spiritual and that which is heavenly . . .”

“Becomes unlimited.”

The Mission: What are your possessions? Today, let go. Free up your heart of its earthly possessions. And fill it up with the spiritual and heavenly.

Isaiah 55:9; Philippians 4:8–9

The Hebrew Mysteries I–IV

Excerpt From: Jonathan Cahn. “The Book of Mysteries.” iBooks.

The True White Horse


As we carefully analyze the end times and Biblical prophecy we see that following the antichrist Jesus appears to us in a way that is without a doubt all of God’s Glory. Jesus appears bright and clean in a robe dipped in blood. Now as we attempt to understand this piece of the Revelation we must pay careful attention to the deep mind of God and the hidden sufferings of Jesus Christ. The sufferings of Jesus are most of all felt deep inside His body especially His heart. His heart is the center of the body and without His heart the world would be lost forever. The heart of Christ is filled with knowledge that only God can provide and His Son uses that knowledge when God commands Him to do so. All of the angels of heaven follow Him and are guarding the truth that He holds deep inside. His heart is where the true crucifixion has taken place.

We see that in the end an angel standing in the sun, bearing all the beauty of God’s Glory is the one who commands that all kings, generals, mighty men, horses and their riders, and all people who have CHOOSE TO RISE up against the Son of God are to be REMOVED FROM the EARTH AND THE WORLD WITH CHRIST IS TRANSFORMED. The reason that God commands this is due to the horrific attacks and persecution upon His Son. Of all the finishing touches that God commands in this event, the beast and the false prophet who had performed miraculous signs in the presence of man are cast into the lake of fire. The followers who are left  after this event, will be cut down by the sword that comes out of the mouth of the rider on the white horse, Jesus.

Remember that it is not about times or dates as much as it is about God’s will. The end is concerning God’s will through His Son and all of the angels of heaven. God has already chosen the day and the time of which these events are to unfold. It could be AT THIS VERY MOMENT, THE PRESENT TIME… This is the spirit of prophecy.

In God’s mind one day may be a thousand years…It is our job to be sure that we act according to God’s will and honor what He has predestined from since the beginning of the world. The new world has yet to come. Know that God has already carefully designed this world, and His Son and the entire kingdom of God are the author of it all.

Psalm 90:4-6 “For a thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night. You sweep men away in the sleep of death; they are like the new grass of the morning–though in the morning it springs up new, by evening it is dry and withered.”

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