The Power of Faith: The Mind Behind It All…


ONE OF THE most important of words,” said the teacher, “is faith. Without it, you can’t be saved. And apart from it, you can’t do anything of heavenly value. You can’t overcome and you can’t live victoriously. So what is it?” he asked. “What is faith?”
“Faith is to believe,” I said.
“To believe what?”
“What you can’t see.”

“In Hebrew, the word emun speaks of that which is sure, solid, and true. Add an ah to emun and it becomes the word emunah. Emunah is the Hebrew word for faith. What does that tell you?”

“Faith is linked to what is true.”

“Yes. And so faith is a very solid thing. It isn’t a wishful thinking or an unrealistic hoping. Faith is linked to that which is rock solid—the truth. Faith is that by which you join yourself, root yourself, and ground yourself to the truth. And the word emunah also means steadfast, established, stable, and steady. So the more true faith you have, the more steadfast you become, the more stable, the more steady, and the more established. So faith,” said the teacher, “causes you to become strong.”
He paused for a moment before continuing. “But there’s another Hebrew word that also comes from the same root word as truth and faith. And you already know it. It’s the word amen. It even sounds like emun and emunah. So to say, ‘Amen,’ is to say, ‘It’s true, I agree, yes.’ So, what is faith? Faith is to give your amen to God’s emun, His truth. So faith is to say amen, yes to God—amen to His reality, amen to His love, and amen to His salvation . . . not just with your mouth but with your heart, your mind, your emotions, your strength, and your life. ‘Truth faith’ is to say amen with your entire being. And the greater, the stronger, and the more confident your amen, the greater and more powerful will be your faith. So give the amen of your heart and life, the strongest amen you can give to the Word, to the truth, and to the love of God, and your life will become emunah, steadfast, established, and as solid as a rock.”
“Amen!” I added.

TheMission: Take a word from the Word of God today and give it your strongest amen, the total yes of your heart, soul, mind, and will.

Isaiah 7:9; Colossians 2:6–7; Hebrews 11:6

Excerpt From: Jonathan Cahn. “The Book of Mysteries.” iBooks.

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