Union of The Spirit and The Bride


WE CAME TO a tent camp I had never seen before and sat down in a nearby stretch of sand. I noticed a man making his way through the camp to one of the tents. He entered it and stayed inside for some time before emerging with two others, a middle-aged man and woman. I presumed them to be husband and wife. There, by the tent, they spoke into the nightfall.

“That,” said the teacher, “is an agent. He represents a man and woman from one of the other camps. His mission is to see if a marriage can be arranged between the son of those who sent him and the daughter of those to whom he was sent. It happened the same way in ancient times. Abraham sent his servant to a foreign land to find a bride for his son Isaac. So the servant embarked on the journey, bringing with him Abraham’s treasures as gifts for the bride. He ended up meeting the young woman Rebekah. After saying yes to the proposal of marriage, Rebekah embarked with the man on a journey back to the tents of Abraham where she would, for the first time, see Isaac face-to-face.”

“There’s a mystery there,” I said.

“Yes,” said the teacher. “Abraham offered up Isaac as a sacrifice. Not long after that comes the account of Isaac’s bride. To what would that correspond?”

“The offering of Isaac foreshadows the sacrifice of Messiah. So after Messiah’s sacrifice . . . comes the search for the bride . . . the bride is the church . . . each of us.”

“And whose mission then begins?” he asked. “Who is sent to the bride?”

“The Spirit of God,” I said. “The Spirit’s mission is especially to the bride.”
“Yes. The Spirit is the Agent, the Agent of the Father, the Agent of God. And the Spirit comes to the bride and shares with her of the Father and the Son . . . and draws her to them. And the Spirit comes bearing gifts from the Father to the bride, the gifts of the Spirit. And the Spirit leads the bride on a journey to the Son and the Father. And do you know what the name of Abraham’s servant was? Eliezer. And do you know what Eliezer means? It means my God is the helper. And what is the Spirit called? The Helper. So as real and as present as the servant was to Rebekah in her journey, just as real and present is the Servant of the Father, the Spirit, in your journey. So you’re never alone, not one moment of your life. You have one beside you, who is the Agent of God . . . For alongside you in your journey . . . is God, your Helper.”

The Mission: Live today in the awareness that you are not alone. God Himself dwells with you in the Spirit. Live as one with whom He is present.

Genesis 24:2–4; John 14:14, 26; 15:26; 16:13

The Isaac Rebekah Wedding Mystery I–III

Excerpt From: Jonathan Cahn. “The Book of Mysteries.” iBooks. https://itun.es/us/v7hZdb.l

Marriage Of The Minds

The marriage of the minds is where we begin to understand true love and predestination. The marriage that we as Christians understand is not of this world. The marriage that I am referring to is between Jesus and His bride. This marriage may not yet be seen but is real and just might possibly be taking place, as the times that we live in are telling us. To be aware of this marriage and union between the two is the secret to decoding the last book of the Bible, the Revelation.

Considering the marriage that must take place in order for all things to be fulfilled according to God’s purpose is to be in tune with the mind of God. Thinking of a marriage that is bigger than the world is where we begin to comprehend the mind of God. If Jesus were to come again a second time, how might we expect that marriage to take place. I believe that by seeking Him out, all might discover Jesus in pure and absolute truth.

The marriage of the mind is how we might expect to become a part of this union. No matter where we are in the world, God is omnipotent and omniscient. In the end of times this will be the key to understanding a second coming of Christ and the Holy Spirit of God.

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